December 24

2023 Zodiac Look-Ahead Forecast Readings


Please Note: I am currently recovering, and therefore there will be a longer-than-usual turnaround time for these. If you’re okay with that, order away! If not, then please come back another time. If you have ordered and are not satisifed to wait, please let me know so I can refund you. Thanks for understanding.

It’s that time of year where I (sometimes) offer old-school prediction via the annual Zodiac Look-Ahead readings. I’m in for this year, if anybody’s into the idea.

Zodiac Spread with the Fun Housewives’ Tarot

In the Zodiac spread, I pull a card for each area of life f0r 2023 (corresponding with astrological houses). You do NOT need to know astrology to benefit from this reading. It covers all these areas. You’ll get a picture of your cards, a downloadable mp3 full audio, and an unedited, machine-generated transcript of your session.

  1. identity/self
  2. resources/value
  3. environment/communication
  4. home and family
  5. creativity and play
  6. daily routine, health
  7. partnerships
  8. secrets and legacy
  9. growth, publishing
  10. career
  11. community
  12. unconscious, mental health

Please note: I will be taking time off for holidays, so turnaround for these will be slower than for normal sessions. Thanks for your patience.

Get Yours Here =>> 2023 Zodiac Look-Ahead Tarot ($50)

Happy Holidays, friends. Hope your 2023 is all the awesomeness you could ever want!

Peace out.

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