Private Tarot Consultation

My goal for private Tarot consultation always the same: empowering YOU!

I am a results-oriented life consultant who uses Tarot as a “jumping off point” for connecting with {intuition/spirit/Source/Whatever-You-Call-It} to access guidance for improving your life. People seek consultations to address interpersonal relationships, work, finances, health and spiritual development, along with any other issue you can imagine.

My approach is non-denominational. So I can effectively work with Atheists, Christians, Pagans and everybody in between. You don’t need to understand what I do–or even believe in it–to benefit.

In fact, I've obtained great results with students, CEOs, artists, writers, housewives, and even other Tarot readers. Some are decidedly woo-woo while others are definitely spiritual civilians. 

The single thread uniting those I best serve is a sincere desire to improve their lives–and an openness to considering fresh perspectives. That’s a killer combination!

Tarot undeniably has a predictive element and that's what most often brings people to me to begin with. I do look to answer whatever question brought you to me. But ultimately, I don’t aim to tell folks what the future holds so much as helping people chart their own futures.

As a bonus, we will usually have an awesome time in the process. 

About Private Tarot Consultations

Sessions are a valuable source of guidance and inspiration, but do not replace professional medical, legal or financial advice. You are always responsible for making your own decisions. 

See my Tarot Working Guidelines for more insight into how I conduct consultations. Credit card statements will show payments to A Fool’s Journey as “WOO-WOO.”

Additional questions? Contact me. I will do my best to help.

Private Tarot Consultation

I let her know the issue that was confounding me and she nailed it directly, right down to the inter-personal dynamics. I was astonished, and blessed! I am so very grateful for the guidance I was given, Dixie! I am already seeing a turn-around, thanks to your ability to see the deepest heart of the matter. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Tarot Client