May 7

05/07/12: Crossroads Crunch | 2 Pentacles, 6 Swords


“The more decisions that you are forced to make alone, the more you are aware of your freedom to choose.” –Thornton Wilder


What do you want? What do you really want? That’s the question.

2_of_Pentacles6_of_SwordsWe’ve got the Two of Pentacles (“Movement, Choices, Decisions”/Sun in Capricorn) and the Six of Swords (“Moving On”/Mercury in Aquarius). It’s one of those pivot points, deciding which direction to go.

The Two of Pentacles shows up when you’ve got your hands full. Life’s moving fast. But in the RWS version, those choppy waters behind show it’s not eternally sustainable.  The Psychic Tarot Oracle emphasizes more the choice required—your time, energy (and lord knows, patience!) is finite while you live in flesh and blood. There is only so much to go around. You have options. It’s your responsibility (Capricorn)  to define and evaluate the options.

It’s time to decide, which coins to juggle, which prize you want. Trying to do it all becomes too much and leads

Once you decide, how you want to spend your stash, then you have to leave behind the other options to move on. It’s far less chaotic and more successful when you’re not trying to overextend your energy.  You have to choose.

Then it gets better. Sunshine’s around the corner.

Are you feeling this, or seeing it?

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Psychic Tarot Oracle, Six of Swords, Two of Pentacles

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