March 10

Six of Pentacles Rx: Signing Your Own Checks


I’ve been busy this week, taking my advice from last week.

I always try to do that. I don’t always manage, but I try.

Plot twist: It’s not just about long, lazy naps or crafting on the back porch, although those are awesome!

But I’ve upped the ante, realizing how much those little “issues” I avoid are costing me, energetically. Each detail is a tiny energy vampire, with each leaving me feeling a little more weighed down than before. So I staked a bunch of those little vamps.

Calls? Answered. Chores? Done. Appointments? Scheduled. The power of “no”? Embraced it like an old friend.

Plus plenty of brightly dyed hair and glitter. Let’s be real: my self-care must always involve glitter! Because making myself happy got top billing last week.

You know what’s liberating? Prioritizing your own happiness.

It feels like floating on air when you stop pushing your joy to the bottom of the pile. You have no idea how much you do this until you stop. Don’t ask me how I know.

So I’m renewing my Self-Care Deluxe Edition subscription. It’s worth it. You might want to renew your own subscription for next week.

In the Cards

Forecast is Six of Pentacles reversed. Expect a drought of praise and a wild uptick in self-involvement. Advice is Ace of Swords reversed, with a little more from Judgement reversed. Hold off on spilling your thoughts; step back and give yourself time to process.

Deck pictured is the quirky, fabulous and fun Housewives’ Tarot.

People may not be overly generous in their assessments this week. At the very least, they’ll expect you to bring the receipts for any credit you’ll get, and you still could be shortchanged. But even with all the receipts, it’s likely they’ll overlook just how much you contribute.

As frustrating as that is, folks have their own subtext running, which may or may not bear any resemblance to what passes for reality in your world.

Don’t bother making your case. In fact, you don’t even have to give it another thought if thinking about it doesn’t make you happy.

And that’s the operative phrase here: what makes you happy?

Your happiness matters. It’s top priority.

Hear that? It’s loud. Your. Happiness. Matters. Nobody else gets a vote in your peace of mind.

And to maintain that level of Zen, your greatest weapon is going to be restraint. You don’t need to explain who or how you are to another living soul.

It’s just as well to set aside the quest to be understood right now. You don’t need someone else to see who you are. You just need to feel it in your own heart.

Consider using any high-contrast situations as a telegram from the Cosmos: whatever feels raw is where you feel undervalued; grant yourself a raise, there. These are the checks you need to be signing.

Remember, it’s hard to think clearly or speak plainly when you’re hurt, angry or resentful. So wait until you’re not. And bonus: sometimes, the universe plays fairy godmother and hands out epiphanies while you’re busy doing you.

In the meantime, keep your ticket to the self-care express.

Besides feeling good, it’s a way of offering yourself the kudos you deserve. Nobody knows your heart or intentions any better than you do. Nobody’s in a better position to properly appreciate you, than you.

So tell me, what’s on your list of self-appreciation this week?

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