March 3

Emperor Rx: Slow Down to Move On


Sensing that seismic shift on the horizon? That big, bold cataclysm of change we’ve all been seriously itching for?

Sorry to break it to you, but the universe is throwing up a stop sign saying, “Not so fast, hotshot.”

(I know. I’m right there with you…) But the advice we’re getting is a solid alternative to a forehead-meets-wall situation.

Next Week in the Cards

Our outlook comes courtesy of the reversed Emperor, with the Four of Swords swooping in for advice. Props to the always-cheeky yet refreshingly honest Housewives’ Tarot for the visuals.

Feeling like the world’s spinning out of control? Got that urge to rein it in?

Time to hit the brakes, my friend.

The reversed Emperor is hinting that traditional approaches may not be your golden ticket this time. Solutions can be less about what genuinely needs to happen and more about folks pushing their own agendas—less about guiding and more about governing, you know?

And guess what? “The man” isn’t the boss of you anywho!

Now, there’s no need to stage a massive confrontation when the Four of Swords is calling for a timeout. This card is your permission slip to indulge in some serious self-care and bask in the glory of doing absolutely nothing other than what feeds your soul.

All you’ve got to do is hang tight while taking primo care of yourself, naturally.

Basically, this isn’t the week for heroics or horn-grabbing. Think less conquest, more couch. Mull over those big decisions in your jammies—there’s something absolutely magical about problem-solving in your sleep.

Speaking of calm minds, life’s complications will start to unravel on their own before long. Clarity will come into focus, naturally and effortlessly, allowing you to navigate the next steps with a calm mind and a sure touch—no need to don the fixer-upper’s hat.

And those moments when you’re swamped with the urge to “do something” but your brain’s drawing blanks? Consider it a celestial sticky note reminding you to zero in on numero uno for now. When you are focused on meeting your own needs, all the other considerations fade into the background. Take your me-time and enjoy it.

In other words, it’s prime time for self-soothing and doing what refills your own cup—no strings attached. In a Four of Swords advice week, hitting ‘pause’ is more than okay—it’s recommended. Give yourself that break, and you’ll come back ready to rock without any meltdowns.

Here’s to days without meltdowns—because aren’t they what we’re all really after?

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