August 6

King of Wands Rx & Ace of Pents: Do What You Can!


When you can’t accomplish what you’d like, how much time do you spend complaining about what you can’t accomplish?

I was asking myself that question today. This is due my realization that I was spending an inordinate amount of time bemoaning–both internally and aloud–the fact I haven’t got the time to do what I’d like to get done.

If I was doing it instead of complaining about it, I’d have made concrete progress in that time, even if not all things were accomplished.

Next week may be a lot like this for some of us. I’m hoping not you, although I’m betting definitely me. Following the cards’ advice here should ease things considerably. Great reminder!

In the Cards

This week’s forecast photo features the Universal Rider-Waite. Someday I will get more decks out again to give y’all more variety. But right now, quick, easy and readily accessible is my mantra. This is my working deck, so it’s always nearby.

king of wands reversed ace of pentacles

This combo spoke to me, loud and clear. The reversed King of Wands is a frustrated man. There are things he wants to control but cannot. His to-do list isn’t getting done, and he doesn’t like it.

But he’s not left completely without recourse. That Ace of Pentacles is the only balm for his frustration: taking the small, concrete and meaningful action surrounding whatever you CAN control.

Got that? Baby steps, but real-world ones.

Don’t decry, moaning and gnashing of teeth over what is beyond your capacity. It’s a big world with lots going on. So instead, be practical. Just do the one, small, real-world action that moves you in the direction you want to go.

In essence here, you’re controlling only thing you actually can control: your own damn self!

We’re unlikely to resolve things “once and for all” in the next week, but we absolutely can make things better. It all counts. Control you, and take whatever small but practical, concrete actions you can.

Send up the rest of your concerns to the Universe and just keep going, friends. Just keep going. Stay well out there!

Much love. 

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Ace of Pentacles, King of Wands, Universal Rider-Waite

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