November 10

Mercury-Saturn and the Big Mouth


Big Mouth

“Oh my God! I wish I would have just kept my mouth shut!” Mercury-Saturn

Mercury-Saturn contacts can be almost debilitating. There’s often a sense of being offensive, misunderstood, or otherwise unheard. It can feel as if speech or even thoughts are unwelcome and unwanted.

Saturn’s influence may leave a taste of inadequacy that is hard to wash away. Mercury wants to be heard–and now! Fast, impulsive Mercury wants to go, go go, and is not very happy bogged down in the gummy mire of “I don’t think so!” Saturn.

Those impacted by Mercury-Saturn aspects may find it helpful to remember some feelings are more likely a function of the astrology than accurate reflection or either truth or perception. But even knowing that doesn’t make the feeling very warm and fuzzy.

It can be helpful to make sure this energy has an positive expression, though, which helps take some of the punch out of the less pleasant expressions.

Mercury-Saturn people do well to work (Saturn) to speak (Mercury) with integrity (Saturn).  Fact-checking, along with a clear, orderly thinking process, presented with respect is going to net the best outcome. That doesn’t mean the ouch factor goes away! It just makes it easier to let go of the (real or perceived) misunderstandings.

In other words, the Mercury-Saturn person will be well served by being aware.

  • Clarity of thought and purpose for communications from the outset.
  • Balancing out the drive to be heard (now!) with the drive to remain silent (forever). Each has it’s place.
  • Working hard on communications to satisfy Saturn.
  • Continuing expressions despite discomfort to satisfy Mercury.
  • Strong personal boundaries so reactions don’t take on undue importance.
  • Remembering the people who have resonance with your message will be able to hear it.
  • A whole lot of faith!

The bottom line, though, is sometimes there will be regret over words. It’s inevitable. You may know why…or not. There’s not really much to be done for this that I’m aware of, but if you’ve done the best you know how throughout, at least it’s easier to let it go.

What you don’t want to do is let it shut you down because that’s the real tragedy–not sharing your light. You know?

What’s your experience with Mercury-Saturn? Do you have anything to add?

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