September 4

Ten of Wands & Nine of Cups (rx): Room for Improvement


Life changed for me recently. We got some badly needed relief and I thought, “Okay, we can exhale a little now.”

To some extent, that’s true. Daily life is easier. But there are still serious challenges, and still very many tears. It’s just different (although often less dramatic) stressors I’m navigating now.

Because of this, next week’s forecast feels like it is speaking directly to me. I’m kind of hoping it’s not speaking as directly to you, but if so? I hope even more so that it helps!

Next Week in the Cards

For outlook, we have a stark contrast from last week’s pretty Ten of Cups! The Ten of Wands (Suppression in the Osho Zen deck) is considerably more dire in the imagery–the sense of being overwhelmed is palpable. Sorry for the buzzkill here! Advice (which showed up reversed) is the Nine of Cups, or Laziness in this deck.

While I don’t subscribe to equating contentment with laziness in general, I get the point that sometimes, it’s our lack of contentment that drives us to look for more. Clarification was offered by Possibilities, better known as Two of Wands.

Is life feeling heavy? You expected to be able to exhale by now, but it’s not going smooth as glass?

Me, too.

But it’s okay. Be happy for those things you are comfortable with. And for those you aren’t quite as comfortable with? Let dissatisfaction serve as vital perspective, a hawk’s eye view of what you might choose to change. Knowing what you’d like to improve is the very first step to improving it, right?

Seeing what’s lacking doesn’t mean you’ve lost. It means you have exactly the information you need to win.

Acknowledge your burdens certainly, but also acknowledge your areas of contentment. Let those areas that don’t measure up serve to highlight the possibilities for where you could go. That high-level perspective can help you see more clearly better outcomes and make moves in the desired direction.

Hope you’re faring well out there friends, and that your bucket of contentment continues to grow. Much love!

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