October 8

Page of Wands Rx: Give it a Minute


You know, it’s been a Hell of a week, but I feel like I’m getting my grounding groove back. I’m ready!

I’m feeling a lot of pent-up energy–not just for me, but in the world at large right now. Like those old balsa wood rubber-band-wind-up toy airplanes.You know, all wound up, but no place to go.

Or maybe I just giving away my age here. Regardless, the rubber band has been wound but there has been no release yet.

Next Week in Tarot

Courtesy Thor the Warrior Kitten, who was kind enough to share his space with my card flipping: Page of Wands Rx and Strength, also RxUniversal Waite Mini.

Unreleased tension is more or less the forecast. I mean, it’s not unbearable, but the overall vibe we’re talking is no clear path of action to resolve.

There may be hints or urges, for sure. This way or that way, possibilities arise. But we are not in the place to know for sure yet, although that is incoming. However, I don’t expect a clear or comfortable plan of action this week. Sorry!

So what do we do with anxiety here–the sometimes-intense urge to do “something” without an answer as to what?

You step back to whatever extent possible. If you do feel moved to take some particular action (and you might), okay. Go ahead. Just don’t lock yourself in to that specific action whether or not it appears to be getting you anywhere.

The mental image I’m getting with this is trying to catch a baseball by putting your mitt up over your head, closing your eyes and flinching. That’s not going to be particularly effective, especially if the ball doesn’t hit where you think it will.

In other words, we may know what we want to accomplish, but not how to accomplish it. That’s okay. We may feel we need to act, but not what precise action to take. That’s okay!

Do what you can but don’t dig your heels in or get stuck on one way of handling everything. Do what you feel you need to do, sure, but stay flexible and be opening to updates on the situations, because they will definitely be coming!

Does this ring true for you? Hope you all are managing well out there. Stay safe. Stay flexible. And most of all, stay connected!

Much love and peace out.

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Page of Wands, Strength, Thor the Warrior Kitten, Universal Rider-Waite

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