February 27

Hermit: Truth and Transformations


Ever find yourself explaining your perspective to someone who has no grasp of where you’re coming from? I found myself doing that very thing recently and it was hard.

Not because the person couldn’t understand me. I was as direct as I had to be. More because I knew it would sting and might feel like getting blindsided. But it was important.

Thing is, sometimes you really need to have that foundation of clarity and truth out there to build anything else on top of. Otherwise, it’s apt to crumble under pressure.

That’s sort of what we’re looking at for this week, energy wise.

This Week in the Cards

Outlook is The Hermit (“Aloneness”) with advice from The Tower (“Thunderbolt”). These versions are from the Osho Zen Tarot deck.

The Hermit here is seeking his own perspective on truth the only way you really can: alone. No one else can tell you what your own greater meaning is, you know? Nobody else can interpret your own life for you.

Understand if you take this knowledge back to the masses (or any individual for that matter), it will alter the relationship. It could create a breakthrough, or maybe just a break. Either way. But whatever is left or built after the fact will be solid because it’s based on truth and that’s what we’re looking for right now.

One small caveat about the “truth” I’m describing here: it may be truth about feelings or perspective, not necessarily a “capital T truth.” Could be subjective as well as objective. Feelings count here.

But no matter. It’s got to be about what’s real for you or it won’t fly and whatever comes later is apt to be compromised.

This week, be sure you’re clear on your own perspective and let that guide you forward. It may not be easy but it definitely won’t steer you wrong.

Be well out there, friends!

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Hermit, Osho Zen Tarot, Tower

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