June 29

Family Ties: Weekly Flow Tarot, Jun 30–Jul 4


Tarot Forecast Jun 30 - Jul 4

Looking at this weekly spread, we have an interesting, alternating mix of Pentacles and Cups. It’s coming across as sort of do, feel, do, feel, do, feel. Plenty of opportunities for emotional processing. Most cards are upright, which brings a little extra attention to those that are not.

The Sun in Cancer shines brightly on familial sensibilities: what we do for one another, what we’ve learned from those closest to us, and what all these back-and-forth feelings mean will be highlighted this week. This is not terribly surprising with a week ending in a holiday in the states. Just make sure the fireworks are in the sky and not over dinner!

In other news, I am SO ready for Mercury to go direct (July 1st)! Although it continues to be in a shadow period for another week-ish, I have already begun to feel the retrograde vibes lightening up. Although I have not figured out what is making my phone calls go straight to voicemail yet.

Monday, Past – Nine of Pentacles: You’ve learned a lot getting to this point in your life, so acknowledge it! More importantly, put it to good use. This is an excellent time to take stock of the skills you’ve gained gradually but failed to account for in your self-image, you know? All that “little bit here, little bit there” adds up without us always becoming conscious of the fact. In the context of the entire weekly forecast, I’d say put special emphasis on what you have learned due family connections especially.

Tuesday, Answer – Knight of Cups: Answers are available, if you listen to your inner vibes. You know in your heart, you feel it in your gut. These are the pathways for answers today. he downside to all that tuning in? It can make a person a little punch drunk and oversensitive. Don’t forget to turn off the flow intentionally when you’re done plugging in, and ground, baby, ground!

Wednesday, Lesson – Ten of Pentacles: Today’s lesson is all about the value of the people you love. Whether your family was built by birth or by choice, they are a treasure. Spend a little time appreciating the people you feel most at home with (and treasured by). Keep track of family in terms of true value, not something to take for granted. Act in accordance with family values—your own family values. What does being part of a family mean to you? Where is the value to you? If you find yourself lacking on this front, look to begin creating it or build on what you have so far.

Thursday, What is Hidden, Queen of Pentacles Rx: The personal costs of always showing up, carrying whatever water needs to be carried day in and day out, are not readily apparent. This queen could represent you, or it might be someone else. Either way, be sensitive to the invisible price of caretaking. Give a little extra love to any caretakers you know. Even if that is you!

Friday, Clarification, King of Cups: The ups and downs of daily life become not only more bearable, but take on a function of generating closeness when we live in our heart. Generosity, compassion, and kindness heal tremendously, even if they cannot make everything “easy.” These are all lessons we learn in Earth school, you know?

Overview, Knight of Pentacles Rx: Beware nitpicking and unnecessary criticism. As always, this includes self-criticism especially. I suspect for many of us, a generally critical attitude starts with a look in the mirror and gets slopped outward via projection to avoid some of the pain. By seeing faults in others, our own seem lesser. That’s an unfortunate optical illusion.

Affirmation: Behind my every desire is my desire to feel good. At times, we get caught up in the details of some personal story. Who is right, who is wrong, who is good, and who is evil. It’s very human. We may worry about what we deserve or resent what we do not. But how does this help? Focus on yourself, what you can do that’s right, that’s good, that’s helpful and kind. If you keep your heart full and your focus on living a loving, uplifting life, you’ll find the nature of personal desire changes. You’ll feel better! You’ll also find yourself developing a magnetic quality that attracts more of your desires. It’s a win-win.

What are you seeing coming up this week?

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