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11/08/13: The Sweet of Bittersweet / 5 of Cups


5 of Cups Emotional Loss

Freakin’ schizophrenic forecasts, I tell you! Five of Cups day. Sorry!

Maybe your heart burns with sadness. Maybe you’re moved by someone else’s heart burning with sadness. It’s in the air.

We don’t like loss, but loss is essentially one damn valid definition of being human. Loss is an integral part of this physical, flesh and blood experience. Our lives are temporary works of art, like elaborate castles built out of sand. The tide always comes in and out, continuously altering the landscape. Some parts get washed away, making room for other parts to be built in their place.

And with each loss is the bittersweet reality that feeling loss, much as it sucks, is still proof we’re alive. It’s proof we’ve survived. And it’s proof what we’ve had is worthy of having. Love is not love if there is no emptiness when it passes out of our sphere. With loss is the knowledge some of what we had lives on within ourselves.

I don’t like it either. But like everything else, losses come as they are supposed to. You may not embrace it, but accepting it is a good place to start. And in between the waves of mourning, don’t forget to honor and celebrate the essence of what’s gone, validating it’s meaning in your life and the lasting impact. Because that part? That’s the “sweet” of bittersweet.

Can you relate?

p.s. This, too, shall pass.

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  1. I’ve learned to deal with loss and how to accept it, but damn it’s still hard sometimes. However not clinging to sadness helps the emotion to disappear again

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