December 21

Three of Swords: From Shadows to Sunshine?


I recently received some news I wasn’t especially pleased about. As unwelcome as it was, it was information I needed. But the hit was still there. I’m working on processing it and coming up with a new approach.

This coming week, I’m expecting I won’t be the only one. So, if you’re facing something similar, read on, friends. Read on.

Next Week in the Cards

The outlook this week is the Three of Swords—ouch, times three! The advice is the Three of Cups. Ahh. That’s quite the juxtaposition, huh?

Pictured deck is Radiant Rider-Waite mini.

That outlook isn’t too ambiguous. There will be a sense of loss, whether or not a single thread of objective reality has changed. This means some people may just receive new information or come to a change of perspective. But whatever the awareness, it will likely usher in a sense that things simply will never be the same, period.

Now, the Three of Swords, associated with Saturn in Pisces, could take many forms: resources disappearing, protective boundaries dissolving, fears materializing, or hopes evaporating. I won’t say they would all be ‘bad’ ultimately. In the long run, knowing where you stand has value. But there’s no way to spin ‘the heartbreak card’ that’s comfortable and pain-free in the moment it goes down. My apologies for that.

But I am finding the advice served up by the Three of Cups to be very interesting here. We’re not being told to deny the pain. That’s real. But it’s suggested we look for comfort and potentially a new direction in community. Do you see them raising their cups? That’s toasting the new. That’s hope for something to come. We are to seek out new reasons to celebrate. They may well be related to filling the very empty space the Three of Swords presents.

So, as we navigate what might be choppy emotional waters, remember: every cut can carve a new path, and every gathering of connected souls can light up the darkest of times. Keep your hearts open and your cups ready to refill. Who knows? The very thing that stings today might just be what transforms tomorrow. At the very least, you can turn from what was to looking toward tomorrow.

Are you finding your tribe helpful in turning toward tomorrow?

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Three of Cups, Three of Swords

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