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How to Practice Psychic Self-Defense


psychic self protection
Call down some light!

CancerMom asked a great question about Psychic Self-Defense, and it’s an important topic. So thank you! Learning to tune out may not be as sexy a topic as learning how to tune in, but it’s more vital to your well-being.

Have you ever talked to someone who was very agitated, fearful or angry, and began feeling that way yourself? Ever notice how sadness, anger, or pain can seem to hang in a room after an emotional outburst? Have you ever spoke of “clearing the air?” Or have you ever walked into a place of worship or maybe viewed a stunning work of art, and felt a very strong sense of reverence and awe wash through you?

These are examples of absorbing energy, sort of like picking up a strong scent and having it linger in your clothes. Powerful emotional vibrations are the most noticeable, and can build in an area over time. (And just like physical scents, a good shower can help dispel energetic “scents” if required.)

Especially doing readings or energy work, or if you’re simply a natural absorber (psychic, prominent Neptune or Water emphasis, in the natal chart or by transit), you’re tuning in, consciously or not, to other people’s energy. You may take on moods, feelings or internal conflicts, without fully understanding it’s not yours. This is why the people you surround yourself with is so important–you feed on whatever they put out and vice versa.

Conscious is better than unconscious here, so what we’re looking to do is intentionally set up some “psychic boundaries.” Anytime is appropriate to practice this, but it’s especially important to work with psychic self defense in crowds of people, if you’re physically run down or especially emotional, doing any kind of metaphysical work, or under stress. These are situations when your aura may be weaker than normal or prone to outside influence.

I’ll be honest–I haven’t always been as consistent about psychic self-defense as I should–and it costs me!  That’s part of  why I was SO exhausted after the last fair I worked–in my eagerness to stay “open” and give great readings, I neglected to properly ground and protect my own energy. My clients didn’t suffer, but I did. So I’m working now on making Psychic Self-Defense habitual because it’s so easy to avoid problems with proper practice.

Psychic Self Defense from Michael Zinker.

 The form of your personal Psychic Self-Defense is going to depend on your spiritual practices and belief system. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy or involved ritual to work–it just has to be meaningful to you. I consider it a form of prayer.

My Current Psychic Self-Defense Routine

I begin with deep breaths, visualizing inhaling positive energy and exhaling all negative energy. (The positive energy I see as golden, sparkley light, negative as black smoke.)

I call down light from heaven, seeing it envelop me and begin absorbing from the feet up, grounding me and filling my body with loving energy. I’m looking for a physical sensation of energy waves washing through, similar to what I feel when physically touched by someone who loves me. That’s how I know I’ve got it. I sometimes also imagine the light clearing out my Chakras, bottom to top, unblocking energy centers for a free flow.

“I release all negativity, and surround myself with the white light of divine love and protection. I am safe and protected.” I like to repeat the light and affirmation here three times.

If I’m preparing for a reading, I’ll also ask for insights that are helpful, accurate, and in the highest good of all concerned.

If I’m preparing to go into a difficult situation, I may also visualize an extra bubble or shield of protection to absorb or deflect negativity, only allowing in positive and loving energy. I tend to see something similar to protective spells in Dungeons and Dragons that I play with my husband. Since I’ve spent many hours as a sorceress, it’s not hard for me to mentally call upon protective special effects!

But how you visualize it is a lot less important than doing it. I always end with a “Thank you,” because it’s appropriate. Gratitude turns up blessings.

Do you practice Psychic Self-Defense? How do you go about it?

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  1. Thanks for making me feel special Dixie & loved the video! I’m wondering if some of the heaviness is from my office – IT’S PACKED WITH STUFF! Most of it’s organized in boxes & cubbies but there’s alot of stuff in a pretty small space (16′ x 12′) & not everything is so organized. I’ll start by cleaning out the office a little then getting a sage stick.

    I really hate leaving my house so maybe I need to protect me from ME! LOL

    Thanks again for the

    1. I tell you every time, CancerMom–you are special! And I mean snowflake special.

      Cleaning out a space is an excellent start, by the way. Thanks for the prod to keep on my slooooooow purge work.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I struggle daily with grounding myself and creating boundaries. I have the Sun-Venus-Mercury all in Pisces, and now my progressed Moon is in Scorpio! I become so drained and overwhelmed sometimes. It’s difficult.

    1. You’ll have to let us know how it works out for you, Nicole. I’m working to be more consistent on this myself. With all that Pisces, I’ll bet you’re a regular sponge!

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