January 20

10 of Swords: Pain into Power


That feeling.

You might feel misrepresented, vilified or discarded. Feeling unseen and undervalued, especially by those whom we trusted, can be a tough pill to swallow.

It’s a familiar sting for too many, but don’t lose hope—this story isn’t over yet. Tarot offers a path to a happier ending.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the Ten of Swords–ouch! Just “ouch.” Advice came in the form of two cards stuck together. Reversed Magician and Nine of Pentacles. Deck is Legacy of the Divine.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Hurt, betrayed, ignored, attacked or generally maligned? That’s the Ten of Swords energy, stabbing you in the back. The Ten of Swords may feel like an emotional thunderstorm, but every storm clears eventually.

The reversed Magician isn’t just about misusing power, though it can be sometimes; it’s a reminder of the strength you might be underestimating within yourself. It’s a sign of untapped potential. Time to discover it!

The Nine of Pentacles stands as a lush garden amidst life’s storms, reminding us that our true worth is self-cultivated, resilient, and independent of external validation. Just because they criticize doesn’t mean it’s true. And just because it hurts doesn’t mean you must remain a victim. Learn from it all. Understand it and particularly, understand the impact it has on you. That’s the important bit!

We are the ultimate gatekeepers of our own truth. Truth isn’t a function of who says it or how many people believe it. We evaluate evidence and consult our own sensibilities to determine, on an individual basis, what we accept as truth into our hearts, our lives, our souls. It’s not something that can be crowdsourced.

That’s where the riches lie here. You’re not just a helpless character in someone else’s story. This is your story, and it’s a great time to focus on that fact.

That’s where our power ultimately lies, after all. We have no control over what others do. But we have absolute control over how we interpret the world and what lessons we choose to cultivate from our experiences. So, make the most of this class and remind yourself WHO you are and WHAT you’re about.

Because even if the prompting for your self-reflection session was stabby, the outcome doesn’t need to be. Each sword is a lesson in disguise. Every lie embodies a bigger truth you may not have been focusing on otherwise.

As you ponder any swords that have been flung your way this coming week, ask yourself how you’d prefer to rewrite the story and grab your pen (or keyboard, whatever). Because this isn’t just a forecast here: It’s a roadmap to reclaiming your own power.

As the reversed Magician hints at undiscovered strength, and the Nine of Pentacles affirms your worth, remember: your greatest power lies in reshaping your story.

In your story, you’re not just the main character; you’re the hero. And heroes find a way. What chapter will you write next?

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Betrayal, Legacy of the Divine, Nine of Pentacles, Ten of Swords, The Magician

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