May 21

Vibrational Matches in Relationships (Law of Attraction)



Recently, vibrational matches in relationship came up. I have a working theory of how energy patterns mesh, based on observation, the Law of Attraction and stuff I’ve picked up along the way. Like attracts like.

Any time you’ve got two people with a big mismatch in their vibrations, it’s highly uncomfortable and one or both will end up moving toward the other position or to detach somehow. The more close and frequent the interactions, the more emotional ties, the “stickier” their energy is going to be to you.

At work, if you hang with people who hate their jobs, you’ll find yourself liking your job less; if not, you’ll start to feel trapped around the unhappy people. Other the other hand, if you spend time with people who love their work, you’ll feel more gratitude about your own. Or maybe your dissatisfaction becomes more glaring , prompting you to address it. Either way, the coming together highlights differences in a way they become uncomfortable to ignore.

Someone abusing drugs has very erratic energy. If you remain emotionally connected throughout an extended period, your energy becomes erratic, too. The drama and chaos leaks over, clogging up your own aura and leaving you drained, upset or sick. That’s why you need the boundaries.

When two people are closely partnered, they’ll tend toward the same vibrational range. They split when there becomes too much of a discrepancy. The bigger the discrepancy, the more emotional energy it requires to maintain connection.Of course, they could reunite, provided they managed to match up again closely enough. But it can be significant work realigning, so it seldom works well if both people are not committed to doing so.

The connection some feel toward ex-partners is fed by emotional energy (and can be felt from either side—you can “feel” an ex’s feelings about you and vice versa). So if you can’t get an ex out of your head, it could be because you’re in the ex’s head! To release, you have to refocus to shift your vibration off of that station. You then stop feeding the energy by adding your emotion into the loop, thus removing yourself and minimizing the vibration.

The people you always seem to “get,” the ones you feel most at home with, are ones who habitually vibrate in frequencies comfortable or pleasant for you. Vibrations vary with the astrology, activities, companions, and physical health, but I think most people have a set range, almost like a set-point weight, they tend to gravitate toward without undue effort. You can raise or relax your standard frequency based on how you recharge and emotionally feed.

What do you think?

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham
by Esther Hicks

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  1. Thermostats, set points and free will. So much food for thought, thank you. I think I have had my hand on the thermostat a little too tightly, My nudging, nagging little gut is telling me it is time to let it go, stop trying so hard to force energy or block energy.

  2. I really liked this piece. It brought together a lot of different strands of my own thoughts into something coherent and worth future pondering. Thank you Dixie.

    1. Thank you, korellyn. That helps. I know how I conceptualize it, but never know how it’s perceived. Every time I write something like this, I am half-expecting for people to start asking me if I’ve lost my mind. Maybe those most likely have already wandered over to some other site…

      1. I have never had a site, but I would think it is better to have a site of a few people who *get* it vs. a site full well *non-getters* Now you got me saying, Perception is other people’s vibrations. Damn fishies are swimming in circles AGAIN No wonder my vertex is in Virgo, please bring order to all this chaos.

  3. Well… I guess you are manifesting your theories about laws of attraction, because I get what you are saying. Feels like I am tuning into the around the same station or frequency as you are most (if not all) of the time I read your stuff. And yes, if it didn’t really resonate for me, I would move on or apart and not keep returning to this… station.

  4. You packed a lot into this one, Dixie.

    The idea of low morale in the workplace is especially good to note. It’s possible to like the kind of work you do, but not like your job in that specific environment ~ maybe the boss is an ogre and mistreats the employees, for example, or there’s someone you just don’t get along with and it flavors the entire job.

    We’ve all met people that we immediately “get” and really have a connection with and those who we take an immediate dislike to without any logical reason. What’s your take on that?

    1. @cjwright: “We’ve all met people that we immediately “get” and really have a connection with and those who we take an immediate dislike to without any logical reason. What’s your take on that?”

      Personally, whenever I’ve talked myself out of an immediate dislike, I’ve been burned. What I try to do is not to form an opinion or judgment about the person, such as “I don’t like her therefore she’s evil, manipulative, what have you.” Instead, I just see it as my own personal alarm system to get out of this person’s path. Sometimes that can be very hard for us women, because there’s a lot of pressure on being “nice” and giving people the benefit of the doubt. But, like I said, I can still be civil and courteous, I just don’t have to invite this person into my life. I was telling a friend of mine about this recently.

      In the iChing there’s this line about how if we own a business, we are not obligated to extend credit to someone until she’s proven her creditworthiness. As someone who kept letting in all sorts of very destructive people into my life, I can only say that idea has been very helpful. I don’t talk myself out of my feelings of unease anymore.

    2. I think the people that rub us the wrong way for no discernible reason are simply not a good vibrational match. When I do get that feeling, I try to step back and observe it, to see if I can tell where it’s coming from or if it’s connected to something else for me. Do they trigger something?

      But like MarlyK says, when I do ignore it completely or try to talk myself out of it, there is generally a price. That was one of the biggest lessons I learned working for myself, never to discount feelings about potential clients. Every time I ignored my gut completely, I paid for it.

      1. I’ve had a similar response and wanted to know if anyone here felt the same. I remember one incident in particular ~ an immediate bristling to a woman I saw on the street from my car. Turns out we were going to the same event and had mutual acquaintances. She wreaked absolute havoc in my life for quite a while.

        I’ve heard some people say these are past life connections with people that we “recognize.” Please! Once is enough!

        1. “I’ve heard some people say these are past life connections with people that we ‘recognize.’ Please! Once is enough! :)”

          I’m rolling here–have said similar! I like to tell myself they volunteered to come down into this time-space reality and serve others by being a pain in the ass, thus prompting much learning and growth in the collective. They kindly choose to carry the ugly for some of the rest of us. It feels better than, “I’m stuck with this jerk for multiple lifetimes.”

          1. HA! You mean she’s doing my dirty work for me?! Well, that sort of puts it in a whole new light because I certainly learned a lot! Between us, I think she’s carrying the ugly for a lot of people.

  5. This article is exactly what I’m dealing with. I had a match and a parasite came in…

    Is there a way to attract a once-matching person who got hooked in by an energetic shapeshifting sociopath? I tried to tell my friend this person was a parasite but they insist they’ve “known their soul for a long time” which the piece of trash tried to use on me too when they first talked to me. I’m long distance but this creep has my friend in person and is playing nurturer by enabling their addictions and self-destructive behaviors, which I was helping my friend overcome… I’ve been witnessing my friends decay since and I can’t get them to have an actual conversation. This person uses alcohol and material to keep my friend, who has a mental illness and brain injury that makes them vulnerable already, distracted. It’s horrible… My friend was getting their life on track, I saw the creep silently killing them off and destroying the progress we were making, and the moment I begged my friend to choose me or the creep and outed the creep as a parasite, my friend bailed. Their reactions seem robotic or programmed. Brainwashed. They basically live with the creep now and my friend is spiraling and I can’t tell them why because they’ll probably go robotic again…

    1. You cannot vibrate for someone else, or “fix” what you perceive as wrong in their lives. I find sending love and detaching from the situation works best for me.

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