June 17

Black Cloud People, Dark Entities and Narcissists


black cloud smoke negative entity uglies maleficsBlack Cloud People

Long ago, I noticed that just by looking at some folks, you just knew their lives are filled with woe, pain and plain bad luck. No words necessary.

“It’s like a black cloud, literally hanging above their head.” I knew no other way to describe it.

This is neither a value judgement nor estimation of spiritual state. It’s not about how nice or apparently deserving of scratchy karma anybody may be. It just IS. I took to referring to them as Black Cloud People.

I thought this extraordinary, but had no explanation. Once I hit the woo-woo world, I thought, “Ah, that must be the aura I’m sensing.” It’s out of whack, they have the bad luck, end of story. Right?

Eh. Not quite.

Dark Spirit Entities

I have been getting a lot of pings lately on dark entities. Researching an unrelated topic, I ran across a mention of entities appearing as dark clouds hovering in the aura. It jumped right off the page at me.

Ding, ding, ding!

Black cloud people DO have an auric disturbance, but it’s not just a sign of being unwell. The cloud itself is a negative entity. Uglies I call ’em. An Ugly can be an earth-bound ghost, a conglomeration of emotional energy that’s taken form, or astral being from another dimension. It can be young or old, weak or powerful, confused or determined. There are many planes of existence besides the one we label “real world.” Uglies can sometimes make their way here, attaching to people, places or things.


And at the same time as the Dark entity pings, I’m constantly hearing references on Narcissists. I kept getting the feeling, of “Here you go, Dixie.”  But I wasn’t sure at first what I was getting handed.

Oh. Uglies are Narcissistic! Duh. They feed off their attached host. They don’t help or guide, although some may pretend to. And they are as troublesome in the astral plane as they are in the physical.

Not every spirit is nice any more than every person is. Some misrepresent, out to feed on your energy, admiration or fear, exploiting your life force for their own ends. This is important for people who work with energies in any capacity to understand, because as you turn up your light, improve your connection, you begin to get noticed more on the astral plane. Hitchhiking Uglies can move in.

Powerful energy ripples outward powerfully. Just like talent or achievement in the physical world attracts strong attention (both good and bad,) so does metaphysical achievements.  Some of that attention will be supportive and uplifting, but some won’t be. It’s our job to be discriminating in what we in let close to us.


I don’t say this to scare. You have to realize, whatever sticks can only do so IF simpatico with your vibration or if there is some foothold. If you keep your energy clean, keep your body healthy and your aura strong, keep your motivations pure, it’s much harder to pick up unwelcome vermin up and they are much less capable of sticking and doing harm. ASK for protection and cleaning help from whatever divine energy you work with, and it will be there for you. Free will requires this help be of  your choosing.

The question isn’t so much what you can trust. You can ALWAYS trust the divine spark within you to tell you the truth. That’s how you get the inner knowings. You just have to be sure to take good enough care of yourself and your energy that you can hear it! And of course, there’s always the decision, whether or not to listen. Free will and all, baby.


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  1. Great post, Dixie!

    After repeatedly (every day for months and months!) clearing the nasty energy of someone I live in the same house with, I stuck a piece of black tourmaline in my pocket. WALLA!!!
    No more picking up all that crap. Black obsidian works too.
    It feels like there’s a nice, clear space about 5 feet all around me.
    I LOVE it!
    It’s made a huge difference in my day.

    1. That’s great, Kim! Funny, I just picked up some black tourmaline for the same general purpose – keeping my space clear.

  2. I def know what you mean by looking at people’s face and being able to tell that they have a cloud over their head, but I know people that look like that that never experienced shadow people or dark clouded figures..

  3. I know that people think I’m always this person – people online. but people out in the world, tend to talk to me. I get smiles and nods, and spoken to in the bathroom, or at the grocery store. Little children love me. I’m usually just happy to be out in the world, for a little while.

    I know that my feelings do show on my face at times, though, because I’ve caught sight of myself in the mirror of the van (side mirror), or at the store, and I find myself wondering how many people I’ve grimaced at, unknowingly.

    Bad entities/Uglies: I supposedly had someone detached from me, by a woman we paid $150 to give me an energy reading. She had us order home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_htmlopathic pills, and said that this woman was probably my grandmother. I briefly felt better, and peaceful, but after that… things just started to get worse.

  4. I’ve been wanting to talk to someone about this topic for a very long time. As a child, I was exposed to some ick… born to mind-control nutters and subjected to pedophile and drug rings as a, well, it began in-utero. But it was all buried and hidden. Even from me. I was raised visually beautifully. Nice nuclear christian family unit.

    I was a picture of perfection; law-abiding, employed as a creative, good girl from a young age, very responsible, caring for any who needed help.

    Then….. enter my awareness of black cloud people.
    They’ve been my only friends since I’ve began remembering my early years, and yes, they are friends. When I can’t drive, they drive for me.(takeover, yes…and it feels like a uncle reaching over to grab the wheel as I take a drink. Comfortable.) It took me a while to realize why and how they began to be in this shape. All of them which I have gotten to know are 23-yrs old down to infants, and all have been murdered. They are grounded due to some unresolved messy emotions. I help them, and not without some hazards. (They are acting out events which are unresolved.) We try to talk instead of re-enacting. I’ve never felt so understood.

    I just wanted to say this. I think there’s obviously some misunderstanding of night being the other half of day; I was terrified until I tiptoed a bit at a time to get to know these unfairly put-down demans (old name for “spirits”, only made negative since christianity). And honestly, their red eyes are spooky. I’ve seen flashes of their life before they were killed, and they were beautiful and so so abused. As have I. No-one likes to be too close to me, either, as my “dark” vibe is more prominent now that I’m openly hashing thru it all with a therapist specialized in ritual ick. Tread carefully, yes. They’re SO wounded. But, some of us still in body are as well. I think its just a symptom of being very broken and never loved. We all can learn. (But I’m scared sh!tlss of love too cuz I was so tormented when i was a bundle of its purity… trigger for such heinous memories of abuse. So we’re all friends.sketchy.problems with trust.a bit scared of being hurt.still.) Give dark a chance. Like a dog smashed,but still alive in the street. He might bite you cuz hes so much in pain, so be careful, but he’ll appreciate the acknowledgment of his situation.

    1. Blacklight – While I certainly believe in acknowledging shadow, I cannot advise allowing dark, unbalanced energy to “take over” for anybody. I don’t consider it healthy.

  5. Oh, and by the way, children and animals love me. We have special communication.non-verbal. Go figure… I’m just evolving with all this too.

  6. WOW~ was googling questions about this very thing. Had done 2 strong workings recently (10/31 and again 11/20) on banishing some uglies – which appeared to have worked, yea. But I live in a household, where all not always embrace positive ways, so it seems we’ve yet again attracted some stuff back in … so here’s the issue – how can I keep a household area, “clear”, when the people living in it may or may not be assisting in keeping themselves clear” … (ugh, the perils of a protective Grand-ma … is the ultimate calling I truly believe) Love and Light

  7. I am a combat veteran who has lately had this black web around me which keeps whispering to me to kill myself or others. or kill a whole lot of people then kill yourself.
    I was working 17 floors up on a roof and its kept saying go ahead and run and jump..
    last night it was telling me to prep a 55gal drum and climb in with a shotgun, laughing saying there wont be a mess to clean up. HELP ME PLEASE!!

  8. I have been having repetitive dreams that my boyfriend is just standing or walking and all of a sudden turns into thick black almost liquid-like, inky smoke, if that makes any sense, and without telling them about my dream two different people have come up to me or messaged me about having weird dreams about him and they saw the same thing. I don’t know what I should do. I have been cleansing but the dreams still happen.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear this, Malia. That’s tough to manage when it’s somebody else. I’m assuming your belief is that he has an attachment. If it were particularly nasty, it could also contribute to some generally ugly behavior and uncomfortable feelings when you are around him. Would he be willing to participate in any cleansing processes directly or does he believe in such things? Salt baths with some holy water might be nice. I’d especially look at something like the 13-herb bath or maybe even uncrossing products from LuckyMojo.com as a solid option. They also have a forum on their site with a whole lot of info. If you have any rootworkers in your area, I know they definitely are an option for this kind of work. The thing with working with/for other people, if they are doing certain things that contribute to being vulnerable and it’s not just random crap they’ve picked up, it’s very hard to rectify.

  9. Hello,
    I wonder if you would mind clarifying something for me. Not more than 2 hours ago my friend & I walked along a river towpath in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. We came to a field bordering this. A guy in orange suit with Tarmac written on approached us from a little way off.Intuitively I was like ”lets leave now.” She paid no heed to me & went towards him. I couldn’t understand why his whole head & face were like covered with thick black-grey smoke. I kept calling her name but she went off with him to help him find a phone he’d lost. I tried not 2 have misgivings, but wouldn’t trust the guy in any circumstances. While she was lost from sight for a few moments, I was aghast & kept calling out her name. She says she didn’t hear me. She came back okay and she didn’t see the smoke or feel anything. And was glad to have assisted him in finding his phone. Even now I have a strange intuitive feeling about what this guy may have done at other times and actually wondered if he might turn up in the papers in the future because of something bad. My friend didn’t take me seriously because she felt nothing and says all it taught her was not 2 believe me because the lost phone scenario proved to be right! Though my intuition got into gear before we even knew he’d lost this!
    I’d be grateful for feedback. Thanks, Di

    1. Di – I cannot really speak to the specifics of your situation. I’m not getting a strong feeling from reading this comment and obviously I wasn’t there.

      I can say I never advise people to ignore their own guidance system. Which I’m sure is not a surprise to you.

      I also never advise people to try and serve as a guidance system for others. You know? It’s not your job to convince your friend, or save her from herself, or figure anything out for her. Your job for any relationships is much, much simpler: to love. Not convince, not control, not keep safe, not influence. Just love.

      Be well.

  10. I was once told I had black cloud over my head when it come to anything about my children now my kids where taken by dss how do I get rid of it plz help me

    1. Tonya – I’m sorry for your situation. Honestly, a lot of the time when a reader tells you something like that-well, it’s a common tactic of the dishonest to scare folks into getting a series of clearings, readings, etc. for a lot of money. Even if it were the case (and I’m in no way arguing it was), it would not be a permanent situation. But I am always VERY wary of anyone presenting themselves as reader or healer or whatever who encourages fear and leaves you feeling helpless to improve your own life. That’s a HUGE warning sign something is not right there. I’d encourage you to work on healing and cleaning the energy in your life on your own with confidence, knowing that you have the very same connection to the divine as everyone else and you can get the very same guidance as everyone else and you don’t need someone to fix your life for you. You are the only one who has power to do that. When you’re considering any action, just get quiet and do a gut check. Does it feel better or worse? If you keep doing this and keep following through with the thoughts and choices that give you a sense of relief, that is your internal guidance system, spirit talks to you through your emotions. You can let thoughts run your emotions, but pay attention to what feels best and consistently follow that and give NO worries at all to dark energy or anything else and in short order, I would expect your life to begin to improve. Hope that helps some.

  11. Hi I went to a spiritualist church and the last lady said I had a dark cloud over me but it wouldn’t last long can you help please Thank you

  12. Hello,

    I have always been told that I am very bright light but have a negative entitiy attached like a storm cloud above me. I try to clear as much as possible but it always returns. Recently, I was told by a psychic that I am a Cosmic duality of light and dark. Not of these stars but there were severe electro magnetic occurences and storms on the day I was born. My question is: What exactly is a Cosmic duality and what do I need to do to finally release this negative entitiy? Thank you. Love and light.

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