January 1

Unveil Your 2024: Exclusive Year-End Tarot Look-Ahead Sessions

Want to start the New Year off right? Due to popular demand, I’m opening a limited number of slots for my one-of-a-kind 2024 Zodiac Look-Ahead readings. Available for the first two weeks of January or until fully booked – whichever comes first!

Embark on a journey of personal discovery and foresight with the Zodiac Look-Ahead Spread for the upcoming year. This unique reading draws one card for each astrological house and a take-home message, offering a detailed and personalized map of your life’s various aspects. No prior knowledge of astrology is needed to benefit from these insights.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Visual and Audio Overview: Your personal spread captured in an image and the full reading in a downloadable MP3.
  • Complete Transcript: An unedited, machine-generated transcript of your session for your reflection and reference.

Explore the 12 Facets of Your Life through the Zodiac Houses:

  1. Identity/Self (1st House – House of Self): Uncover new insights into how you express yourself and interact with the world.
  2. Resources/Value (2nd House – House of Value): Delve into your financial prospects and what truly matters to you.
  3. Environment/Communication (3rd House – House of Communication): Understand the dynamics of your daily interactions and immediate environment.
  4. Home and Family (4th House – House of Home and Family): Gain clarity on matters of home, family, and your emotional foundation.
  5. Creativity and Play (5th House – House of Pleasure): Ignite your creative spark and discover what brings you joy and fulfillment.
  6. Daily Routine, Health (6th House – House of Health): Look into your work life, routines, and well-being for a balanced year.
  7. Partnerships (7th House – House of Partnerships): Reflect on your personal and business relationships and how they will evolve.
  8. Secrets and Legacy (8th House – House of Transformation): Peer into the deeper aspects of life, including shared resources and personal growth.
  9. Growth, Publishing (9th House – House of Philosophy): Expand your horizons through learning, travel, and philosophical exploration.
  10. Career (10th House – House of Social Status): Get a snapshot of your professional life and future ambitions.
  11. Community (11th House – House of Friendships): Understand your place within your wider network and community.
  12. Unconscious, Mental Health (12th House – House of the Unconscious): Explore your subconscious and uncover hidden strengths for holistic well-being.

As the year closes and a new one beckons, there’s no better time to seek understanding and guidance. The Zodiac Look-Ahead Spread is more than just a forecast; it’s a tool for empowerment, self-discovery, and intentional living (which people tell me they refer to over and over again throughout the year).

Step into the New Year with clarity and confidence. Book your Zodiac Look-Ahead Reading today and unlock the secrets of 2024 waiting for you.

As we step into the new year, whether you decide to book a reading with me, do your own tarot exploration, or greet the year in another way, my sincerest hope is for you to have a fantastic 2024. Here’s to a year of discovery, happiness, and all the good things yet to come!

Much Love.

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