September 18

Karma Cards Oracle Deck Review


If you’re learning astrology, I found a great little tool to help you get some insight on the ways different placements interact. Or at least, that’s how I use these cards!

The Karma Cards were developed by astrologer Monte Farber. The cards are divided into Planet, Sign and Houses. Making a deck of 36 total. In addition to using it as a divination tool, it’s a pretty friendly way to learn more astrology.

The cards were designed to answer outcome and action type questions, as in “What will be the outcome of…” or “What should I do about…” So slight variations, like “what to keep in mind about…” will also work. The cards themselves are very attractively illustrated, and have appropriate artwork for each with small symbols in the corner of planet glyphs, house placements, and so on.

The book is more substantial than a standard Tarot little white book. The first part is dedicated to working with the cards: the idea behind them, how to use them, etc., and the second section is devoted to discussion the astrology of the planets, signs and houses. The summaries are well done and easy to follow.

To use the cards, you pull one from each category of planets, signs and houses. Red and blue sides of the cards each have three bits of text, labeled S (Spiritual), M (Mental) and P (Physical). You simply read the sentence formed by the three cards—the red side for action oriented questions, and the blue side for outcome oriented questions.

Here’s an example of what you’d see for Mars in Aries in the first house:


So the “action” answer for this grouping would be:

  • Spiritual: Energize your willpower immediately.
  • Mental: Confront what you think you know about the way you protect yourself.
  • Physical: Force yourself to do it your own way and do it on your own.

And the “outcome” answer would be:

  • Spiritual: The drive for energies to meet the challenges of who you are.
  • Mental: The confronting of your desires regarding your desires.
  • Physical: Action resulting from the honesty and strength of your actions.

Since we’re doing Mars, Aries and the first house together here, the answers feel a little repetitive. But still, not a bad representation of this combination. I like these cards a lot!

For beginners, you’ve got keywords and short phrases for various astrological placements. Those more experienced in astrology will find the keywords less useful, of course, but the references to various placements could nonetheless help trigger insights. And regardless of your knowledge level, you can use these like any divination deck to see what the universe has to say. Always a worthwhile goal, in my estimation.

What do you think of the Karma cards? Anybody have them?

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  1. Yes!! My ex husband brought me me a box that had survived when his house nearly burned to the ground a couple years ago. Since then I began a very deep dive into astrology, but never bothered to look at the cards. I pulled them out of that charred box a few weeks ago. They are such a blessing and so timely to further inspire my practice. To spend more time discovering the nature of the astrological energies in a fun and satisfying way.

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