May 25

Are You Getting the Message? Mercury and the Page of Coins


With the current sky (Mercury/Neptune action), thought I’d pull up some more Page of Pentacles communication love from some old work for you all…

When I was a kid, my mom often said, “Do as I say, not as I do.” It was one of her catchphrases that eternally frustrated me. It did not compute! Earthy bundle of goodness that I am, I expect what you say for me to do and what you do yourself to match. That’s only logical, right?

Mom wasn’t buying it. She was invoking a parental authority prerogative, I guess.

The Page of Pentacles (or Coins) is associated with Earth (pages) in Earth (pentacles), sometimes expressed as “Earthy part of Earth.” Ha! Pages often refer to communication, so inverted, you may want to look at disconnects in the communication process.

Different people, different charts, will hear messages best communicated different ways. The Page of Wands (Fire) communicates with passion, heard loudest by those with Mercury in a fire sign. Page of Cups (Water) communicates emotionally—arguments based on emotion convince Mercury in water folks. Page of Swords (Air) intellectualizes, just as Mercury in air signs look for the dispassionate, logical arguments. And the Page of Earth looks at tangible action as the overriding method of endorsing a message, as Mercury in Earth signs will tend towards.

Not so very long ago, I started following politics. My husband is a die-hard newshound and watches the events of the world closely, and some of it rubbed off. My good fortune was that this interest hit in time for that Saturn-Uranus opposition, when political discussion hit new levels of rancor. Ugh! But as uncomfortable it has been at times, learning to hear others’ messages is something that I needed to master, and I think I’ve made progress. It’s essentially picking up a new language.

The inverted Page of Pentacles reminds me to check to see if I’m really HEARING others. Some don’t communicate the way I do. I still choose to place more weight on what people do than what they say (being a Mercury in Earth gal), but a different communication style is not automatic license to discard the message. You get a lot more out of this trip if you are willing to tune into a variety of stations. You know? It also reminds to me be aware of my own communication. While I expect my actions to speak for themselves, someone else may need to feel it or understand it in a different way.

What messages persuade you most readily? Can you see it in your Mercury?

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