June 5

Tarot Tidbits: The Cards and Free Will


People are sometimes afraid of becoming involved with Tarot, worrying they will “muck up” destiny.

What relationship do you see between Tarot and Free Will?

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  1. Liked this a lot. Whenever the Devil comes up for me there is an argument with my husband, until now, this bugged me cuz I didn’t Marry a Demon! But we did marry in January when Sun in Capricorn, and we do have
    Saturn Synastry.
    Thanks, now I must read up on Free Will to avoid this !

  2. Dixie, it is such a pleasure to see you and hear your voice.

    I am totally with your view on the Tarot, the cards don’t make anything happen, it gives a picture *in that moment in time of the reading*, of one or more things that “may” come to pass in the future, if the Querent did exactly what the cards recommended. The reader’s knowledge of the cards, intuition and ability to explain accurately, in a way that that specific questioner understands, is a huge factor in the equation. Not an easy task, and that is what makes a skilled Reader

    It all comes down to the decisions and the choices that the questioner decides during and after the reading. In a way it is like talking with a buddy who asks you what do you think? How many times have you said “I think it might be best to do A” and watched your friend, no matter how much trust they have in your opinion, will still go out and do B. Free will! They will do the same no matter what cards pop up or how skilled the reader is.

    The idea that the cards or the Reader, bend your fate or destiny, is just out of the question in my opinion

    1. Thank you, Daemoness. I guess it’s pretty clear, I’m also in the free will camp, but I know there are lots of worries people have about the cards if they haven’t experienced how they tend to work.

  3. It was an excellent topic to post for sure, and I commend you for addressing it. I have met a lot of people in the past that are afraid of the Tarot for various reasons. It is good to see you explain your views, because their are a lot of very bizarre opinions floating around, especially in the religious community. I especially like that I am in total agreement with you!

    I sort of look as my cards as being a bridge between me and the Querent. Sometimes its a single file rickety swinging one with planks missing for the feet and other times a two lane paved. Still the bridge gives options to get to the other side, if the questioner decides to cross at all. They are just a prized tool to me :rainbow:

    As usual my verbal skills are lacking. I hope you get what I mean

  4. Gah! I thought I was replying to older Saturn post.. Sorry. As for good luck, well we have been married 31 years and are about to go through our second Saturn return together; while our first son goes through his 1st !
    Neptunian fog here. Apologies for leaving remark on wrong post !

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