August 17

Tarot in Real Life: Tarot Makes Fun of Me


A few months back, I made a store run. As I was parking,  in the corner of the lot I spy a beat-up car parked diagonally, with a sign leaning across the front. The door is ajar and there’s a woman stretched out in the seat, laying back with her foot sticking outside the door. This worried me.

“Oh my gosh! Did she hit that sign?!? Why is she just sitting there? Is she waiting for somebody to come? Is she alright?”

I consider going over to check on her. I realize, though, that there are people all over the general area and no one else seems the slightest bit concerned. Why? I do a gut-check and am not feeling any kind of emotional disturbance.

I also am very aware I’m considered pretty much top of the list of the “town color.” As in, I’m known around here as “The Crazy Cat Lady.” The old men sometimes titter and looked shocked when I bring my pink-haired self into the Kwik shop to buy Mountain Dew and Lotto.

While this doesn’t especially bother me overall, I don’t want to make it worse, either. As my daughter sometimes reminds me, “They think we’re crazy as it is.”  It’s true. I consider going stealth, but there was no other destination in that area that would have allowed me to check it out nonchalantly.

I did have the Tarot Nova in my purse, though. So instead of stressing between looking stupid versus potentially leaving someone in need, I decided to pull a card. It was the Three of Wands.

I know what that means…wait. So I decided to listen. Listening to Tarot or not is always a choice. But I’ve found, things go better when you do. I go on in the store, feeling just a little guilty, wondering if I’m a victim of the bystander effect or something. I’d decided, I’d drive by the car on the way out so I could take an under-the-radar look.

I rush through my shopping and get ready to leave. On the way out, I swing around by the car…Oh.

She’s a SCHOOL CROSSING GUARD. The sign was her “Stop” sign and the car? It’s just a beat up car, missing the grill. Boy, did I feel silly. Here I was, giving myself quite the little guilt trip for not running over to rescue the school crossing guard, waiting for some children to help. Sheesh.

And I had to laugh, looking at that Three of Wands again. I realized, Tarot just said I need glasses!

Does Tarot make fun of you, too?

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  1. LOL!

    Oh yes… Tarot can get pretty cheeky with me. Especially when I’m stubbornly refusing to “listen.” Can’t think of any specific examples right now, though. But yes, I have heard the cards laughing. Though they always mean it in a very caring way!

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