July 11

Should you “Test” your Tarot reader?

Testing the Tarot Reader?
Should you test your psychic readers?

Anybody who’s done readings has, at some point, heard those lame jokes. “Why don’t you tell ME what my question is? You’re the psychic, right?”

Sniff. Sniff. Smells like smug. Bah!

And God help us if they start in on why I haven’t won the lottery yet. Someone is liable to get smacked.

Now, I don’t consider it my mission in life to proselytize for the Woo-Woo. Which may seem odd, considering this website, because I do preach it. I love preaching it! But I’m not seeking out to win over people who are antagonistic toward what I do. Not my mission.

You don’t like Tarot? You think psychic work is a big load of bull? Okay.  I can see that’s not our common ground. Been there, myself, and respect your sacred right to find your own path. I can wish you well, regardless. Love and light right out to your skeptical ass.

Sometimes, though, I’m tested by people who already believe in the work I do. They just want to make sure that I’m capable of doing it, right. They want to know if what I’m saying right now is what they’re needing to hear.

I understand this. Being sparse with details, looking for clearer signs, is seeking confirmation. Most want clear evidence. Especially when we’re anxious or in pain, we seek extra reassurance. I understand and trust the Source will provide whatever is most needed.

But I’ve had less benign tests at times. Sometimes, people set up little snares, to see if I catch on. I keep my mouth shut even if I do notice–what’s the point of calling it out? But it doesn’t mean it’s not bothersome or offensive.

I see the real test for any reading is an internal sense of “fit.” A good reading leaves you feel informed, empowered, and, well…right. It’s like a click in your brain, a sense of relief or resolution washes over. You know you’ve gotten a good reading because you can feel it. You know best here.

What do you think about testing your psychic reader?

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  1. Oh, grrrrr! I hate it when people “test” me in a reading.

    Mostly because I feel that, in not wanting to give away too much information and tip their hand, they close themselves off. Which closes off the energetic line of communication. How am I supposed to receive all the best info for you if you’re all shut up tighter than a Chinese puzzle box???

    (To be fair, some people are just fearful of what they’re going to hear, but I’m mostly talking about those people who are just out to prove something.)

    But, like you said, Dixie, I can only trust that Spirit will give me what I need to tell them. I just do my best!

    (Still aggravating, though.)

  2. @Regina I totally agree with you. I often tell my clients that the more they put into a reading, the more they will get out of it.

    If you sit back and are too passive I will not be able to tap into the energy between us and as such the reading will be very peripheral.

    However, if the client engages with me and there is a two way commuication, the reading can be exceptionally rewarding. For both of us.

  3. I had one friend of a friend I used to read for occasionally…she was the toughest person I’ve ever read! I didn’t understand it, because she wanted the readings, was going to some trouble to arrange them, but I always had such an awful time getting a channel in for her. I didn’t know why. I could get peripheral details well enough but tuning into her energy directly was very, very difficult.

    I finally asked, “Are you especially private with your feelings?” Bingo! She was very guarded emotionally, just as her natural state. Uncomfortable having her feelings accessible. So I got a taste right there of how much of a difference openness makes, even for someone who wants a reading.

    1. Wow. That makes a lot of sense. Recently I had a similar reading, although everything clicked into place toward the very end. But, man, it was tough going! Finally, the two of Swords popped up and the Lovers reversed and I said: It feels like you’re closing yourself off from your feelings. And that’s when he said, Yeah, that’s something he had been realizing lately.

      Recently, I did two readings for a friend and she argued with me about my interpretation both times. She was all, “Oh, no, that’s not what it means. It means THIS…”

      And I just hung back and detached and nodded and thought, Well, she doesn’t want to accept what the cards are saying. I mean, I go to a Tarot reader precisely because I want that degree of detachment I can’t give myself. And I know how to read cards!!

  4. My mom feels obligated to “test” the reader & tells me I shouldn’t say too much so I don’t “tip them off”. We’ve been seeing the same psychic for 10 years & even after all this time she still tells me I said too much & was told what I wanted to hear.

    Her attitude bothers me ALOT! I feel if I’ve decided to have someone read for me then I already TRUST them. What’s interesting is my mom says I have a better rapport w/the psychic because they don’t “get” too much from her – OH THE IRONY! It’s because my mom is too busy playing parlor games versus TRUSTING!

    I’m the type that HAS TO TALK through things – right Dixie – LOL! I feel it’s like being able to have a therapy session w/ instand feedback. If you’re able to be open & honest then you can condense 2 years of therapy into 2 hours!

    Dixie has taught me to turn INWARD instead of worrying about the outside, it’s about MY path & MY energy. If she’s was just telling me what I wanted to hear she would be looking in other people’s windows to stuff that isn’t mine! I trust her because she’s HONORABLE! And because it pisses off my mom HAHAHA!

    1. (((CancerMom))) – You are so sweet. Thank you.

      That’s so funny about your mom. I hadn’t thought much of the difference before between people who are open to hearing their reader versus people who want to have the reader prove themselves. I’m betting the open folks consistently have better reading experiences.

  5. I’m getting a lot out of the feedback on this post. I haven’t read much for other people, but the idea that the querant can cut them self off emotionally to the point where the reader has trouble accessing their energy for the reading makes SO much sense to me! Much thanks.

  6. I don’t test them but sometimes get guarded. Then the universe usually leaves me gobsmacked by a message the reader picks up on that no one else can possibly know.

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