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Should a Tarot reader answer medical questions?


Asking psychics and Tarot readers medical questions?
When can a Tarot reader answer medical questions?

Like romance, career, or parenting issues, people have all kinds of questions for Tarot readers! If you read for others any length of time, it’s a sure bet you’ll also be asked some medical questions. This isn’t an area you want to screw up, so it’s especially important to have clear guidelines for how you address them. Here are mine…

Working Guidelines for Medical Questions in Tarot Readings

  • I make clear that I have no medical background or special expertise, and do not specialize in medical readings.
  • I do not give medical advice. Giving medical advice without credentials is illegal.
  • I do not diagnose or attempt to treat medical issues. I am not trained in healing work.
  • I never suggest someone go against medical professionals’ advice.
  • I don’t advocate alternative therapies in place of traditional care, but in conjunction with traditional approaches as selected by the individual.
  • While I don’t believe the Source is ever wrong, I know I can be! I cannot make medical decisions for anyone else; health is a personal responsibility.

If we’re good on all points, I will ask the cards about health issues, and share what I get. Under the right circumstances, we’ve found suggestions and assistance to provide comfort, enhanced well-being, and needed insight while managing health issues.

These are the same kind of questions to look at for any sort of professional advice–psychiatric, financial, substance abuse, etc. For me, it seems most important to clearly define my expertise and maintain solid boundaries around what sort of support I’m most suited to provide. It’s worked well thus far.

What do you think about Tarot readers and medical questions?

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  1. I don’t think so, I wouldn’t ask you if I should buy stock in general electric. I might ask about how to manage a problem that might involve dealing with stress or something that could exacerbate a medical problem though.

  2. I think your guidelines about it are excellent. I would just outright say “no” because it could be that they need someone to tell them, “hey, go to a doctor” or some perspective. But to read their cards and say, “Take two bits of garlic and drink a glass of water then stand on your head and ..”

    1. I certainly have suggested going to a doctor, or following a doctor’s advice more closely. I’ve also been able to confirm client’s intuitions about their own health conditions. Those are areas I am comfortable with, supplementing care they are getting elsewhere with additional insight and encouragement.

  3. Excellent, Dixie! Thanks for posting those.

    I’ve haven’t run into this situation too much, but yeah, it’s happened. And I’m always uncomfortable with it and usually skirt the issue or just refuse to go there. But your guidelines really help to clarify the issue and make it clear what a tarot reader can & cannot do in that situation.

    Thanks again!

  4. I’m still mulling all of this over, Dixie.

    It’s interesting to me, because I’ve done healing work for so long, and while there are some things I’ve refused to do, it just seems like a whole different ball game than doing a reading for someone.

    Which I’m now doing seperately from my healing work.

    I don’t know why, but they feel very different to me. So far, I’m not answering anything when giving a reading so far as health.

    I have someone on a table, and it’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

    Interesting, huh? I’ll keep mulling it over. In the meantime – lol! – I wanted to let you know I love your list!

  5. I have been guilty of doing medical questions, but I pick them VERY carefully. I also always always say to go to a doctor. I don’t give medical advice, but I give Tarot advice. Stuff Tarot can provide. Tarot can tell how things will go but not what the diagnosis is.

    For example, someone asked about the results of their medical test. They were going to go to their test anyway, so they’d find out soon. I was wondering, “Should I, shouldn’t I?” If it says something bad, I don’t know what I’d do. What if I got Death or something? Well, I’d say the bad and highlight the positives in this case. Well, they got good cards, very positive reading… an extra boost and empowerment, which helps so much if you have to go to the hospital for anything. Their worries were assuaged and everything on the medical front turned out fine.

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