December 15

Scratchy Readings…I do ’em!

Scratchy Readings

I’ve had to give a few very scratchy readings recently. These are rather hard to give but I’ve no doubt, much harder to receive. I do feel bad doing them, even when I’m handing over stark declarations. Never think for a moment it’s done cavalierly.

Honestly, I think my only saving grace here is working from love and  utterly without judgment. Otherwise, it would be intolerable to receive some of these readings. Especially if it’s square on target…

I have learned not to censor, although I won’t say I am never tempted to put on a sweeter spin, pull back, especially if I’m not sure. But I try to overcome that temptation, because I know it doesn’t serve. Every single time I’ve given in without exception, I’ve regretted doing so. I believe I get what I get for a reason. I believe the people who are drawn to work with me are so drawn for a reason. That’s the deal. I mean, how can you do this kind of work and NOT have faith around you’re doing, you know?

I can say people often seem most grateful for the scratchy readings. Not always, but often. Probably because it’s information sorely needed. And there’s been more than once, from followup I’ve learned that a very scratchy reading made a very positive difference in someone’s life. I’m grateful and relieved to know that! It balances out the sting, justifies it. But that doesn’t make it feel good at the time. However, I’m far more interested in helping you find your power than helping you feel good in that moment.

I know I’m skilled in addressing difficult circumstances. The years I spent working in crisis management, psych, addictions counseling and the like? It was training, for what I’m doing now! My directness is an integral part of who I am, so it only stands to reason it would be part of the right work for me. Anything short would be disingenuous. I’m not big on disingenuous, in case that’s not evident.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel for you. Far from it! So when I send you that reading that comes across like a knife in the gut, I’m very sorry for the pain. I consider it surgery, not gratuitous emotional violence. But I do understand, it still hurts the same. So please forgive me for my bluntness, understand the intent, and use whatever it is to your best advantage, okay? Use it it heal.

You ever get (or give) scratchy readings? How do you deal with it?

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  1. Oh man, this reminds me of a reading I did for a young girl once at a psychic fair. Her father had left when she was little, and she wanted to find him. She asked me if I could see anything about it – if she might find him, how to search, etc.

    The message the cards gave me was that she clearly would not find him, and that he did not want to be found. That was one of the hardest messages I had to deliver. Like you Dixie, I believe that the messages I get are given to me for a very good reason, and it would be disrespectful NOT to deliver it. So I tried as hard as I could to tell her this gently, but it nearly killed me to see her heart break right in front of me. And I’ll tell ya, I was calling on every Guide available to help both of us through that!

    Still, she took it pretty well and seemed to accept it. I don’t know if, in the end, she really “believed” the message she got and moved on, though. But that was one I’ll never forget.

  2. Are you still giving tarot readings?…I felt that I wanted a good reading and didn’t know where to turn…and remembered that Elsa P. had you on her e-mail…please let me know…I live in Tampa, Fla….I have alot going on in my life…and have many questions…Thanks, Nancy…

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