June 8

Email vs. Phone vs. In-Person Readings?


The cards will say what the cards want to say.

People often ask what kind of reading is better or most accurate–I find no difference between communication mediums personally. Different clients have different preferred avenues of communication, sure.

And the “feel” of the communication is different, say between phone or email readings. And a little different still than in-person work. The back and forth interaction has a somewhat different character when it’s real-time versus when it’s in written format, although it’s still present regardless of how the messages are delivered.

But in terms of what I get, no, I see no difference. One works as well as the other. Same person, wearing different clothes.

Have you noticed differences between types of readings?

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  1. Not at all. It is all a matter of how the questioner wants to receive the information. I was resistant at first to doing email readings because I prefer to speak over typing, but I’ve found that there is no difference and while I still like in the moment readings and the way they flow, sometimes written words allow for an eloquence that would be lost in the moment and is better preserved in text.

    1. “sometimes written words allow for an eloquence that would be lost in the moment and is better preserved in text”

      Beautifully put, Lupa. It will be no surprise to you I’ve found the same thing. I actually use Dragon Naturally Speaking for my email readings, so I am talking still, it’s an easier flow. But I clean it up before I send it out. I’m shocked sometimes to see what we end up with!

  2. Interesting that you brought this up because I was thinking about it this week. I’m very much a novice, as you well know. And I am not to the point where I can draw a card and say..”ok this means” or whatever. I have to take the spread and meditate with it for quite some time and I have to talk to the cards. So I wondered, once I mastered being able to give an instant reading what the different venues would be like. I rely a lot on the person’s energy when they are present and I feel most comfortable when I can spend some time alone and separate what I felt from them and what I felt from the universe and what I felt for myself and then write all that down.

    In my thinking about it, I imagine that email and phone readings will become just like any other forum. It will just take time.

    1. For me, they do all feel a little different to do, but the results don’t feel different. And yeah, it’s just a matter of doing them to get comfortable and learn to trust what you get.

  3. I think about this a lot. My first inclination as a reader is to want to type/to write but recently when I met with one person in person and another over the phone.. I was surprised at home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html much I liked the voice-energy. But it almost made me too energetic (or maybe I felt self conscious). I mean, I had sooo much to say. Well, it felt that way. Like a rush. And then it stopped LOL shortly before time was up.

    As someone who gets readings? I LOVE email and in person/phone. It really depends on the reader and the problem I guess…

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