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Confirmation in Readings: What is it and Do You Need it?


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Not everybody who picks up the cards can read them skillfully. And not everybody who can read the cards well performs perfectly, nailing every utterance in every reading. It just doesn’t work that way. Even the best readers will have off days.

This is where confirmation comes in. While I don’t much like the feeling of someone testing me in the sense of expecting me to trot out otherworldly revelations like some kind of a psychic dog and pony show, I DO welcome folks looking for confirmation. I look for confirmation myself all the time, both in readings for others and in my personal life.

If I’m getting general information or a reading doesn’t have a sharp focus, I’ll specifically ask the cards to provide confirmation for the questioner–I want my people to feel confident of messages. Looking for confirmation doesn’t signal a lack of faith. It’s having enough faith to ask and expect Source to let you know you’re on the right track, just like checking road signs on the highway lets you know you’re still going the right direction to your destination.

Some use cards or other spiritual tools as props to serve self-interests, manipulate and control, or otherwise bastardize the process. Or unconsciously, they can get caught in the trap of feeling so special and gifted that their ego takes over. An individual may be quite be insightful, intuitive, knowledgeable with their tools but still use those skills in a hurtful way. Horrific karma if you ask me, but it happens.

So it’s important to be able to identify good readings so you’ll know when you’ve got one. Here are some types of confirmations to look for to know you’re getting a good reading.

  • Information is consistent with the facts and your experience–it “rings true.” For big insights, there is often a sense of just “knowing” it’s right, like a click.
  • The reading leaves you feeling empowered–even if you don’t like the situation, you feel stronger or better able to cope. You should leave a reading feeling better than when you started, often relieved or at the very least, prepared. A good reading helps you along your path.
  • The reader will NOT make decisions for you. Spirit respects free will. Good readers do the same.
  • Good readings don’t incite fear. Fear-mongering is irresponsible and cruel! People seeking readings are often vulnerable and scared. To use a reading as opportunity to build a readers’ ego or appointment bookings is unconscionable and good reason for running in the opposite direction. Warnings may be part of a good reading, but they should always be delivered with compassion and hope. Spirit energy is loving and kind and helpful in guiding you though difficult times. If that’s not what you’re getting, it’s not coming from Spirit.
  • The reader doesn’t position herself or himself as the Source. Readers, healers and lightworkers of any type are conduits, helpers, and channels to assist and guide you in finding and enhancing your personal connection with divine energy. There are many paths to get there. Practitioners work to master the use of this energy but are not responsible for it’s existence. Humility and gratitude is always in order. Yes, some of us do this work professionally and need to promote our businesses. I have no problem with that. But to promote oneself over the work is asking for a spiritual smackdown in my opinion.
  • You leave saying, “That wasn’t anything I didn’t already know. You confirmed my feelings.” This is the one of biggest compliments I can get on a reading. I consider it the gold standard in knowing I’ve done my job well.

Would you add to this list? How do you confirm you’ve got a good reading?

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  1. “That wasn’t anything I didn’t already know. You confirmed my feelings.” This is the one of biggest compliments I can get on a reading. I consider it the gold standard in knowing I’ve done my job well.

    I totally agree! That’s like getting a gold star from Spirit! Or when someone says to me (or when I say to myself when I’m doing my own reading): “That makes sense.”

  2. Some confirmations came years after I was told about them in a reading. Like which town I would end up living in! And I didn’t choose it, because it just happened to be where my future husband lived, and he wanted to stay here.

    I get the most confirmation from Daily Tarot… like daily.


  3. I’ve always accused my mom of playing parlor games with anyone in the psyhic realm. She feels you shouldn’t share too much as not to “tip them off” & I’ve always felt if you trust someone you share what you feel you should. Last week I did the thing that drives me nuts about my mom & psyhic stuff but didn’t realize it until reading this.

    I had some balancing work done by someone we chatted for a little, I didn’t even ask a question and she starting going on about how bad this other person was REALLY BAD KARMA for her.

    I shouldn’t just told the whole story with the question because I ABSOLUTELY DO TRUST the person I wanted clarification from. Even better if I would’ve just used everything I’ve leaned to look at the situation from a balanced perspective and I would’ve realized the “other” woman is not to be trusted.


    1. Honey, I don’t think you’ve got any karmic issue here at ALL. We are all finding our way every day, and I know I make mistakes routinely that are destined to increase my understanding and clarify my purpose and role. Those mistakes are a gift and I do my best to recognize them as such.

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