December 5

Spiritual Physical: Chakra Check-in Tarot Reading


Chakra Check-in Tarot Reading
Get an email Chakra reading and the Everyday Charkas Workbook for a special price of $50 in December.

Tarot answers what you ask, quite precisely. Often quite literally! But what happens when you don’t know what to ask? That can be a problem.

I’ve been experimenting with a new reading I call a “Chakra Check-in” using the Psychic Tarot Oracle deck and I love it!

It’s very simple–a card for insight on each chakra, and one to see which needs the most love at the moment. I am drawing one of the Chakra cards from the deck to identify the primary need, but you could just as easily intuit this from the cards you pulled already, look for repeating numbers in the spread or even draw another card to tell you which to look to. Whatever method speaks to you. I finish it off with an ever-popular “Take-home message” to summarize and provide a focal point.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you. You can do a lot with 1-card readings, y’know. And simple or not, I’ve found these check-ins to be both powerful and practical. I think of them as a sort of Physical for your Spirit, you know?

I mean, heck. Keeping energy in balance impacts physical health, relationships, ability to tune in, overall effectiveness and energy level. I love what paying even a modest amount of attention is doing for me, and I want to share those benefits.

So I’d like to start offering Chakra Check-ins to my Tarot people as one of my standard services. :yinyang:

To get things rolling, I’m introducing at a special price for December…Email Chakra Check-ins for $50.

:present: And in honor of the Holidays, with each one I’m including a FREE copy of The Everyday Chakra Workbook in PDF. You’ll be able to check your progress and maintain your balance after reading is done!

Email readings are normally $60 and the Workbook is $17; so that’s a $27 savings, for 35% off.  I’m not discounting phone sessions, but I’ll still kick in a copy of the Workbook if you’re doing a chakra check-in.

 Would you like to give a Chakra Check-in as a gift? I’ll give you BOTH a copy of the Workbook as my thanks for sharing the love, man.

Order below. 

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Questions? Ask them in the comments.

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