April 21

World Reversed: Small but True Steps


Damn it.

I’ve spent a good chunk of the day discussing a situation that perfectly aligns with next week’s forecast. And the snippet of advice I wrote before I had that conversation perfectly applies to me, too.

I am the World reversed—working on those boundaries but not feeling settled into them at all. Damn it! Who wants to be the World reversed? Let’s aim for some uprighting!

Just allow me to grumble, a little, over another week of trying to take my own advice.

Next Week in the Cards

The outlook is the World reversed. Boundaries are important, but the concrete’s still wet. The Nine of Swords reversed suggests easing anxieties, while the Page of Wands sparks a call to brave but small steps forward.

Cards in this Mercury-retro-blurry image are from the Legacy of the Divine deck.

Boundaries are still shaky, just like my picture-taking hand, forming yet folks act as if everything’s more settled than it really is.

People are trying to regain control and predictability but haven’t quite nailed down how to go about accomplishing this.

You will likely feel worried about what’s coming and guilt over not being “better prepared” for what surprises you, or even over not having made better decisions. Because then you wouldn’t be in that situation to begin with, right?

It’s okay, really. We are exactly where we need to be—always. Isn’t that the perfect place for now?

Just keep communicating, planning, and offering small (but real) actions in the right direction. It’s not the outcome we’re looking at here or having a fully mapped course in front of us that will make the difference. It’s the little things. Don’t demand the whole set of directions.

Just a directionally accurate, modest step. That thousand-mile journey and all that. That’s it.

Ready to stop sweating the big picture and take a small, but true step in the right direction?

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Legacy of the Divine, Nine of Swords, Page of Wands, The World

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