September 5

World Rx: Forced Choice?


Why we do a thing matters. Probably way more than what.

I’m not speaking from a “let’s decide who the rightest person is” place. More from a “being true to who we really are” place.

“It’s your choice, Dixie.”  

That’s one message I’ve been getting of late, and pretty darned loud, too. The first time or two it registered,  I felt a tug to defend myself. I didn’t want my mind changed. By anyone. Even myself.

But after sitting with the message a bit, I realized the actual outcome of any given decision wasn’t particularly relevant to the message. Something being my choice is about retaining personal agency, feeling in control . It’s about owning what I do. It’s about realizing that no matter how much I may love another, I am responsible for myself alone.

Maybe more than anything, though, it’s about making decisions that align with my purest ideals. You could come to the same decision in many different ways. But I always fare best when I stay close and true to what’s in my heart and let that light guide.

No matter what the question, you can always tune in to your heart. 

The vibe right now is heavy on the murk. So I know I’m not alone here.  Next week would be a very good time to practice a heart-guided approach.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook forecast for this week was the World, reversed. Advice comes the Two of Swords, reversed. Pictured here from gentle Good Tarot deck.

The World reversed is literally showing us a world turned upside down. So life may feel out-of-whack, unsettled. There is an overall uneasiness, with roots that might prove impossible to pinpoint or articulate. Feelings of “offness” make us restless or anxious at times.

Sound too familiar?

The thing is, that environment can leave us feeling like we HAVE to make a move, right now. We feel like forced to make a choice and the clock’s ticking! But that urge is not coming from external events.

When we’re grasping for stability, we may seek relief by trying to superimpose order upon an environment where order is lacking.

A reversed Two of Swords suggests not overthinking or trying too hard to figure it all out. When we try to force  decisions when lacking clarity, it can make us crazy trying to analyze an endless chain of if/then scenarios. (Virgo much? Har!)

Mostly though: if you feel like you MUST make a move right now, step back and ask yourself if that feeling is lying to you or not. There’s a real temptation to do something, anything, because it seems like that will ease the angst. But desperation and anxiety do not make for sound decisions.

So what do we do about decisions that are weighing down right now?

  • Sleep on ANY question you feel uneasy about.
  • Notice when you feel more emotional about something than expected: that’s an alarm something deeper is getting triggered.
  • Don’t fight emotions. You don’t have to feed them if they’re not pleasant, but a loving, accepting attitude about however you feel helps speed emotional processing and release.
  • Act “as if” your currently favored plan will work out just fine. Channel nervous energy into productivity. Take whatever preliminary steps are available. That will help you feel like you’re accomplishing something (because you are!) without so much pressure.
  • Distraction. Dissecting the same situation for the three-millionth-and-one time won’t lead to any great insights over the three-millionth time. Give it a rest if you can.
  • Self-care. I will never quit saying this, even if you get sick of hearing it. Eat when you’re hungry. Make at least some of that food healthy. Sleep when you’re tired. Laugh whenever you can.
  • Creative work is super helpful for channeling energy. Use it to your best advantage.
  • Love your people and let them love you.  Say it loud and often. It always helps.

Don’t assume nothing is happening just because decisions are not finalized and dotted lines, not signed .It’s time for light steps, right now. Let yourself get clear and grounded before stepping heavy.

You are exactly where you need to be. You are doing exactly what you need to be doing.

Deep breath, and just keep on tuning in to your heart. We’ll root for each other, okay?

Much love, friends.

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