April 3

Five of Swords: Wins, Losses and Loving Yourself


People often apologize for self-care, as if it’s indictment of weakness or selfishness or something. Either that, or they want to tell you all about what ills have caused them to be in need of some.

Self-care requires no justification. It’s not prescription-only. It’s not in need of apology. It’s self-love manifested. Self-love is the root from which all love springs.

Self-care is also how you stay connected, and that’s something that will come very much in handy next week.

Next Week in Tarot

The outlook this week is the Five of Swords, with advice from the Six of Cups. Both cards came in reversed, but for artwork this intricate (Tarot Illuminati deck), I prefer to photograph the cards upright.

The Five of Swords can be read as victory–or defeat. The read will depend on which of the figures you’re focusing on. As I consider what this means in terms of a forecast, it strikes me that much in life can be described similarly.

What one counts as a win versus a loss is ultimately a matter of perspective.

The job that ended or the relationship that didn’t work out? The events may have felt pretty terrible in the moment, but they also generally open the way for something that fits the now-you, better. I could scarcely argue otherwise, considering a friend I supported through his divorce is now my husband.

With these cards coming in reversed, I’m gonna say it’s not overly obvious, who is “winning” and who is “losing.” What looks like one can be flipped to the other in an instant. It’s not hard-set. What you get is not the thing–it’s what you do with whatever you get.

That reversed Six of Cups is saying to me, “Don’t assume the obvious.” The simple or assumed answer may not be the truth. You can take things at face value, sure, but always with the caveat of an ever-evolving understanding.

Observe. This isn’t a question of researching facts or checking out alibis. Just…feel your way around.

Breathe in, breathe out. Slow down. What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you feel? This is akin to sticking your head outside to experience the weather.┬áTake the “vibe weather.” Know when you feel off and let that be notice it’s time for self-care.

You don’t need to keep score of anything next week. The scores will all change, so why bother? Let your emotions nudge you along and act on the things that are most important when you’re feeling well-rested, centered and clear (as much as life allows, anywho).

If you hear nothing else I’ve said, I’m going to leave you with a take-home of Lucy’s advice.


“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

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