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03/02/14: Warrior to the Ready! / Five of Swords


Five of Swords

And I’m continuing to see the the combination of position and card as being quite direct in these dailies. Even though I’m a “freestyle” reader most of the time, I can kind of see why people get married to spreads, man.

Here we’ve got the Five of Swords paired up with “Goal” to break the message down.

What’s the goal? Winning, my friends. Winning!

That statement could either prompt a colossal “Duh!” or a whole new light . Depends on where we are.

Maybe we’re trying to make everybody happy. Maybe we’re trying to salvage a relationship or secure a concession of some kind. Maybe we just have some massive hurt feelings and cannot see past the pain.

Whatever the distractions, we may get wrapped up in details upon details or sidetracked with indignation and hurts. We forget why we are there to begin with. It’s easy enough to lose sight of strengths under stress, thereby forgetting where our power truly lies.

Never threaten a sword you are not fully prepared to use, in a situation you don’t find warranting swordplay. That sword doesn’t need to be the first choice, of course. But know what swords you’ve got in the armory, how sharp they are, and know under what circumstances you find it appropriate to wield them. And then for God’s sakes, if it comes down to it, follow through!

Being a good person, a loving and generous person, a kind and helpful person does NOT necessitate being a doormat! Giving in to anybody and everybody because you don’t know how to say “no” does not constitute meaningful gifts. True kindness comes from a position of strength. Just like forced apologies ring hollow, giving up because you don’t know how to counter demands isn’t impressive. Poor boundaries do not equate into “giving from the heart,” even for the big-hearted. It just ensures victimhood, and who needs that?

If a conflict is not worth what it costs to win, withdraw. Otherwise, call upon your inner warrior and do your best. Winning IS the goal.

Are you ‘in it to win it?’

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