February 28

Where did I put that point? Rev. Ace of Swords


What’s the point?

This is the question to ask.This question, well-timed, can change the course of personal (or interpersonal) history.

Not “what’s the point” so much in the nihilistic sense. More “what’s my point” in the bringing-your-head-back-around to where you’d like to go sense. That’s kind of like next week.

Next Week in Tarot

Outlook next week is reversed Ace of Swords – fuzzy but with a caveat: expect to be in vicinity of truth/clarity/answers–especially if you’ve had a particular question nagging at you.

Truths may not be fully recognizable just yet, but it’s on the horizon. There’s too much dust kicked up, and we won’t know what’s what until some dust has settled.

Advice is the reversed Eight of Wands–don’t try to rush. Don’t try to force. (How often does that play out well anyway?) Let the world spin off it’s own accord.

King of Pentacles suggests we don’t look to take care of situations or problems this week. Take care of people instead.

Start with yourself. Always start with yourself. You must have in abundance whatever you’d like to share. So start in the mirror and branch it out from there.

Aside: Physical needs will especially impact this King. So for self-care, think in terms of eating well, sleeping plenty, and allowing yourself enough downtime to plug in daily. This helps you stay connected, making everything easier.

Keep that radar screen clear, friends.


p.s. No video today for my 3 video fans. Har! But there will be more…

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Ace of Swords, Eight of Wands, King of Pentacles

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