August 29

Wheel of Fortune Rx: Make Your Own Luck Already!


The world has been scratchy as Hell. 2020 has been a year like no other in providing justification for pretty much any emotional reaction imaginable. 

I was feeling this yesterday. Anxious, itchy and irritable, not really sure what to do with all the pent-up and bothered energy that was building up.

What would help?

I remembered my fourth house Mars. Mars rules not only anger, but drive and initiative. Mars will dictate you go about getting what you want. And if you’re feeling frustrated or otherwise unfulfilled, the placement of Mars can provide inspiration about how to release the frustration. Fourth house rules home life.

So I cleaned. I may not be able to clean up the chaos in the world, but I can certainly lessen the chaos in my tiny corner.

And yes, it made me feel much better. The cats’ confusion also amused me, so bonus points.

Next week might be a good time to clean your house (or whatever your Mars prescribes).

Next Week in Tarot

For outlook, we have the Wheel of Fortune reversed, with advice from the Ace of Pentacles. Pictured from the Radiant Rider-Waite.

Now I usually read the Wheel as positive, even reversed. Here, I want to say your luck is nothing more complicated than what you make of what you’ve got. It’s not how it looks. It’s not about whether or not it was what you wanted.

It’s all about what you do with whatever you’ve got.

Rather than bemoaning the current circumstances, turn it all to your advantage by asking yourself, “What do I want to create out of this?” Creating something from whatever lies before you is exactly what the Ace of Pentacles would suggest.

Concrete, real-world manifestations are the order of the week. If you cannot control the world, control your corner of it. If a situation ends, start something new. Make something beautiful out of what you’ve got. Transformation will provide both relief and tangible benefit here.

Don’t look to save the world on this wave, friends. Instead, let whatever captures your attention to inspire you to create something you actually want. The Ace of Pentacles wouldn’t have you burning anything down without the vaguest notion of how to replace it. This ace will always have you building something new. As an ace, the results may be humble, but no matter what, they will be REAL and worth doing. 

What can you make out of what you’ve got? That’s the question to bear in mind next week. It will guide you to constructive action. 

Good luck!

And if you want to talk about it in a private session, give me a holler and we’ll set something up.

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Ace of Pentacles, Radiant Rider Waite, Wheel of Fortune

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  1. I have Jupiter in the 4th and I’ve been tossing out so much stuff from my apartment. Currently transiting Pluto is right on my IC. It feels like a cosmic detox. 2020 has been a complete shit show! I love your blog, by the way!

    1. Well, that certainly sounds like a reasonable response to that setup. I like the idea of a cosmic detox. That feels optimistic to me. Thanks so much for the kind words as well…always appreciated. ♥

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