October 2

10/02/12: Lucky No? | The Wheel



Give and take are both part of the same cycle. We love when the Wheel spins our way—and when the card comes upright, it usually will. But even when it doesn’t seem to, I’d argue it still is, on a cosmic level.

I love the bold, vibrant coloring on the Rosetta Tarot, although I have to admit, I do have to look up the symbolism when I want to write about these cards. I just don’t have the background  you know?

But on the upside, there is all the new stuff you learn!

I knew the Wheel was related to Jupiter. I don’t know as much about the Kabbalah correspondences of the cards, but this deck uses that info. The Wheel is related to path twenty-one, the Path of Kaph. It signifies both the palm of the hand and fist.

Open and closed, like the up and down of the Wheel itself. Both giving and receiving, inviting and repelling. We tend to think one is better than the other, but it’s all part of the same cycle.

Saying “no” is every bit as vital as saying “yes.” Limits are every bit as important as flow. It’s the WHOLE that’s formed by the parts I’m thinking of right now.

Whether it’s what you’d plan or not, whether it’s self-evident or not, I’d say see the recent turns of fate for exactly what they are: good luck.

Thank you, Wheel!

Do you feel the Wheel turning for you?

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Rosetta Tarot, The Wheel

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  1. I’m faced with a decision. First I said Yes. Then I ‘slept on it’ and now I want to say No. “Yes” would be “settling”, taking the “sure thing”. “No” would leave me in a difficult and dangerous place. But I don’t want the “Yes”… Arggghhhh!!!

  2. Hi!
    Great job- doing this daily card reading.
    What happens when people from the past show up and replace old emails with new ones? I guess my question what do I do when people from the past come back to bother me?
    3 of swords is how I feel!

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