July 10

Wheel Reversed: Upside Down and Waterlogged


Ever feel like the world is a bit upside down? Maybe it’s hard to focus, with all those thoughts competing for attention. Maybe even the smallest of decisions are just overwhelming. You may know you’re emotionally raw and not thinking very clearly. But you’re not sure what to do, because nothing feels quite right.

It’s okay.  Just being wherever you are, and doing the best you can, is enough.

We’ve just had a very watery moon in Cancer and many are emotionally processing, consciously or not. Emotionality is on overdrive and the vibes I’m getting are outright squishy. Raw, even.

Next Week in Tarot

This week, the outlooks is the Wheel of Fortune reversed with advice from the Prince of Wands (aka the Page). Pictured from the Star Tarot Deck.

When it feels like the world is a bit upside down, reach for clarity.

Clarity comes easiest focusing on one thing at a time. One question, one idea, one task, one thought. That’s all anybody needs to manage. Just that one thing that’s right in front of you.

One. Thing. At. A. Time.

It will help.

As an aside, whatever feels out of whack in your world may not be as big of a problem as it seems initially.  Even reversed, the Wheel usually heralds ultimately beneficial shifts. The thing is, it may not exactly feel like good luck in the moment.

The trick is not to worry with all the potentials at once. You can’t process outcomes right now anyway. So don’t task yourself with the impossible, because it tends to make a person cranky.

Instead: Just deal with now. Self-care, relaxation, naps, snacks, and kindness (to self and others){ all soften this energy and make the way forward easier.

One thing at a time, friends. That’s how we do this. One thing at a time.

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Page of Swords, Wheel of Fotu

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