July 9

Stay in your Own Lane: Weekly Tarot, July 11 – 17


There’s been more than “an edge” to the energetic weather in the last week. People are tired, hurting and upset. And they want to DO something about it.

But so much of the time, we feel powerless. And if we’re trying to change others? By and large, we are. At least, we can’t change other people by ramming them, head-on and full force, with the full blast of our own worldview. Nobody’s looking for your worldview. They already have their own. So what’s left?

Changes are made on an individual level, when an individual in interested and receptive to change. It cannot be forced very well. It’s when enough individuals change that a tipping point happens in the collective and societies change, the world changes.

Stay in your own lane. BE the change you want to see. Envision it, FEEL it, and focus upon it. When you do that, you embody that change.

I don’t mean to suggest you focus upon what’s wrong. That amplifies the wrong.

You are the most powerful when you’re aligned with source energy. And you’re most aligned with source energy when you feel good. And you feel good when you’re focused upon what’s pleasing to you, generating the feeling state of what you want.

Can you feel good when there is so much chaos and sadness and hurt in the world?

Yes, you can! It takes practice. It takes caring about how you feel. It takes going out of your way to add into the world what you want to see.

You want to see more unity and harmony? Don’t lecture it. LIVE IT. You want to see compassion and love and helpfulness? Be that, and you’ll start seeing it more and more. And better yet, your good intentions rub off on those around you. And theirs rub off. And so on.

Kindness and love are never wasted. So realize that YOURS counts and spend them liberally.


This week’s forecast has several inverted cards – I expect a feeling of being “off” or otherwise out of sorts to easily sneak upon us this week. Staying on top of your own feeling state and always reaching for what feels better from where you are at is the perfect remedy for this. Distractions, stepping back to find things to appreciate about every part of your day, and relentless self-care are great remedies. Be kind to yourselves out there!

Monday, The Hierophant: Don’t cut corners or look to innovate right now. It’s a bit much for what we’ve got going. Tried and true, traditional, and consulting with the experienced professional leads to the best results. Respecting institutions and what they represent is in order. It’s a day to color inside the lines as much as possible.

Tuesday, Knight of Swords Rx: Be on the lookout for crossed wires or people jumping the gun without adequate information. Put your “Jumping to Conclusions” mat away, for the love of God! There’s no point trying to communicate important messages when the recipient is not in a receptive mode. Focus looks a little shaky today to me, so utilize distraction to your advantage. Distract yourself from anything you don’t like!

Wednesday, Three of Pentacles Rx: Flexibility and willingness to surrender to the flow of what happens, not what you thought would happen, nets the best outcome. Working independently where possible is favored. Ever heard the phrase “death by committee?” Consensus may be elusive but that doesn’t mean you cannot sit firm in clarity. It just suggests make progress on your plans before you consider bringing others into the fold.

Thursday, The Emperor: Stand your ground and remain in control of yourself! Do what you feel best about, without waver or apology. The control the Emperor calls for is self-control. Don’t invest in swaying the world, nor in being swayed by the world. Stand firm, tall, grounded in your own knowingness.

Friday, Page of Pentacles Rx: This is coming across to me as a feeling of being tired, worn out from the week and weary. Self-care, naps, good food and quieter, comforting activities are good choices. Look to replenish your physical body and with it, your emotions and outlook also respond positively.

Saturday, Justice Rx: If you focus on injustices–either in the world or in your own life–it nets a headache and not a lot more. Use this day instead to regain your own balance and equilibrium. Feed your spirit with the facts that support the worldview you want to be a part of growing.

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Sunday, The Fool: Have fun today! Carefree and silly. Great time to try something new or go on an adventure. Hint: It’s the attitude that creates adventure, not the activity.

Overview/Advice, Eight of Swords: Maybe you feel stuck. But the “stuckness” is not so much the outside circumstance as it is how you are perceiving the outside circumstance. To find more options, look around you without the running “fear chatter” in your head. Play what-if with a twist: only pleasing outcomes are allowed.

Affirmation, King of Cups: What an awesome affirmation prompt! Some started ideas for you…I am love. I am generous. My good feeling uplifts everyone. I act from a place of peace. Compassion drives my life. My emotions are my strength. I feel my way to right. I appreciate. Joy fills my heart. Love rules all.

How you doing out there?

This weeks forecast features the lovely Radiant Rider-Waite (in a tin). If you’re digging it, check out my book, Everyday Tarot Archives or get yourself a consult. Peace!

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