November 21

Steady at the Wheel: Weekly Tarot Forecast, November 23 – 29, 2015


“And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” – Matthew 7:3, King James Bible

This week’s forecast made me think of this video, a chapter from my book on the Ace of Cups. We’d do well to manage our own thoughts and feelings more and worry less about everyone else’s. Keep your eyes on your own road and your hand on the wheel steady, and you’ll do great!


In general, the week does have some punch. Of eight cards drawn, five are Major Arcana which speak to significant transitions. Two of the remaining three are Cups (Water element), suggesting emotion is a prominent factor throughout the week. I have a feeling that feelings will be turned up in general, but Saturday is the only day that looks super dicey in that regard. With the Emperor as the guidance guy, we definitely have the resources for managing so long as we manage ourselves first.

For my folks in the states, Thanksgiving looks great!

Monday, Opportunity Beckons – Four of Cups: This is a nice counter to the interpretation of the Four of Cups as discontent or lack of appreciation. Being grateful for what you have is awesome! Good plan. But living in that state doesn’t preclude reaching for more. Stretching out, or even wanting does not equate with a lack of appreciation. Gratitude and growth are very harmonious energies.

Tuesday, Teach – The Hierophant: Speak your truth, even in the small things. No, not everyone will hear it but those inclined will. The right people will hear. And those who don’t? They aren’t your audience anyway.

Wednesday, Spread Your Wings – Two of Wands: Take a risk! Stretch a little more. Investigate, imagine, and what’s more, take a concrete step along the path to where you want to go. This is very much one step forward without worrying about how the other million steps will go. Just ONE.  Step outside your comfort zone, do something new or different, create a new tradition or set a new standard.

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Thursday, Love Abounds – Ace of Cups: Delightful Thanksgiving card! I find my heart, though, drifting off to those suffering because of who is missing from their table. Fill in the empty space with love and gratitude for all the blessings you have now and have received from missing loved ones. After all, to miss intensely suggests you’ve been given much. And that is worthy of honoring. Make today a celebration of that love in any form you can conjure it, and you cannot go far wrong.

Friday, Manifest – The Magician: You, do. You, do. You are in control. This day is what you make it. Good day for magick, too!

Saturday, Rebuild – The Tower: Well, if that isn’t the softest version of the Tower I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is! I’ll follow this deck’s lead though: treat yourself, others, and everyone else gently but honestly. Many are in difficult transitions at the moment, and there is much pain and disruption in the world. It’s not a day for saying, “I told you so.” It’s a day for saying, “How can I help?” And mean it.

Sunday, Love – The Lovers: Look for the areas of agreement, the harmony and the beauty today. Music is a great choice to enhance the day, so long as your choice is soothing and melodious. The voice, in particular, holds special sway. Make your words kind and beautiful and that will enhance your experiences of kindness and beauty. You draw what you put out.

Overview/Advice, Lead – The Emperor: There is only one reason the Emperor is able to maintain his seat on the throne. He controls himself! The overall vibe of this week is very DIY. You get what you put out there. Your days are as lovely or ugly as you make them.

Affirmation: My thoughts are in harmony with my health. I’m not going all pseudo-Law-of -Attraction-victim-blaming here. But I will say regardless of your physical state, the more harmonious, grateful and positive your mental state, the better your health will be. The more angry, depressed, or generally dark your thoughts, the greater the toll on your health. No, being all roses and sunshine does NOT fix everything, health or otherwise. But you know what? If you can come up with a couple of roses and a little sun breaking through the clouds, it does make it better. It does help! And this counts for health on every level, not just physical.

Are you feeling in control of yourself?

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