March 22

Weekly Tarot Forecast, 3/25/13: Emotional Undertow!


This week, be especially aware of the conenction between how you’re feeling and how you’re acting. It may not be entirely straightforward.

Does this resonate with you? Let me know!

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  1. Damn woman this does apply to me!!! Yesterday I was kind of in a not so nice mood periodically so I tried to stay busy with my to-do list. I avoided most conflict by keeping myself in check but it leaked out a little here & there.

    This morning I woke up irritated and have NO idea why. The limited interaction so far today has been like nails on a chalkboard to me. I got irritated at someone & had to work at not being snarky to them, sadly I wasn’t 100% successful. Luckily they’ll be gone all day so I won’t take their head off even though I have no idea why I’d do it.

    FABULOUS advice & another card just for me. I will work at keeping my emotions in check I just wish I knew why I’m feeling this way.

    1. Uh oh!

      Sorry to hear that! As far as not understanding why, I wouldn’t be surprised if the source of irritation doesn’t clarify after allowing yourself some space and distance from said irritation, or at least that’s how it often works for me.

    1. I was thinking in terms of knowing the targets of irritation, just not the cause, but now I get what you saying, a more generalized irritation.

      We’ve got an awful lot going on in Aries: Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus all clustered up. Mars/Uranus conjunction hit yesterday. The sky is pretty hot right now. Perhaps that has something to do with it?

    1. I do agree the planets into Aries has an effect but interstingly enough I think I discovered another source of the irritation. It’s interesting what people can bring home/dixiblog/domains/ with them when they’re porous.

  2. Something had been problematic for me all week, and I held back on taking impulsive action to resolve the situation. I gave the situation a chance to play out and perhaps change of itself. I also took the time to think out and feel out the matter. To change ~myself~, ~my~attitude, ~my~ perception. It has not been working, and I do not want to keep dragging this negative situation into the future. So today I cut myself free. I did this in a quiet, unobtrusive, gentle manner… that can be reversed at a later date if desired. But for now, I need to go into next week free of this ball and chain that makes me wince every time I take a step.

  3. The sun has just peeked BRIGHTLY through the clouds as I finished typing this, shining on my shoulders. I think that is confirmation enough!

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