June 12

Unyielding Truth: Weekly Flow, June 9 – 13


Weekly Tarot June9 - 13

Update: Bumping this up to keep oriented. How y’all faring? Mercury Retro is being a BEAR from all the reports I’m getting, and the energy has felt wonky as Hell all week long! And of course, don’t forget we’ve got that Full Moon in Sagittarius happening leading into Friday and followed up by a rather dense T-Square in the sky. Astrology buff or no, put it all together and it feels like CRUNCH to me. Next week should feel a little lighter, so hang in there!

These cards show the making of an intense week, with overtones of honesty vs. deceit and the importance of scrupulously objective self-review, even with some subject matters that leave you uncomfortable. Two (rather unhappy) Swords cards suggest dealing with uncomfortable thoughts and facts constructively. Four of the six cards pulled were Major Arcana, so expect the events of the week to carry long-term impact.

Wishes will not make much difference this week. We’re in the category of truth and it’s not budging!

Monday, What to Leave in the Past – Seven of Swords: Any misrepresenting going on? This includes wishful thinking or an overly critical self-perception, by the way. Yeah. Drop it all because if you don’t, looks like by week’s end, whatever you’re not willing to bring into focus may come back and bite you in the ass. So let’s get real, now.

Tuesday, Others – Hermit reversed: Don’t expect others to see their own behavior clearly today, nor want to accept personal responsibilty. That’s okay, because it’s WAY not your problem! Just don’t be one of the pack in that regard.

Wednesday, What to use in the future – Nine of Swords: All those things you’re fretting over late at night? That doesn’t have to stay classified as random anxiety attack. It could become contingency planning, yo! The best cure for getting bitten by the “Oh-my-God-what-if?!” bug is generating a “what” for your “if.” Look at what you fear when moving ahead, seeking ways to insure against the bad to feel more confident.

Thursday, Past – The Emperor: Looks like a King who doesn’t know he’s been voted out to me. Is it you? Cool it with the orders if so. If not, I would probably just keep my mouth shut about the unexpected drop in rank. He’ll figure it out soon enough.

Friday, You – Judgment: Remember what I said for Monday? Today is when you answer for your behavior the rest of the week. Remember, though, with this energy it’s very important for you to be fair. Many will caution you to take your own lumps here, but I’m also adding to that, do NOT take someone else’s. Judgment isn’t about self-criticism OR other criticism. It’s a dispassionate evaluation to extract information.

Overview – The Tower: Disruption this week is quite likely, but what I always like to remember about the Tower disruption holds true here, too. Whatever has been misrepresented, ignored, glossed over or otherwise denied is what’s coming down.

If you’ve followed this week’s advice to accurately represent yourself, stay true to your own ideals, turn worries into contingency planning, question who is giving orders, and fairly weigh out your role in the situation, you’re going to be in the most solid position possible here.

Affirmation: Every reality has been focused by someone into being. What’s here today did not arrive unbidden in a vacuum. It’s a result of what’s gone before. What arrives tomorrow? Well, that’s a result of what’s happening today.

Live today to the best of your ability, even when it’s hard. It absolutely is the best way to ensure a happier future.

How’s your week shaking out?

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  1. Holy cow.

    The TRUTH is that I was deceived for years by many different people, and for some reason that all hit me this morning. Then I was judging myself for being so naive (a/k/a dumb).

    The moon illuminated.

    Thank you for an awesome overview.

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