January 2

Unrecognized Blessings: 9 of Pentacles Inverted


Sometimes–okay, a lot of times–I don’t complete certain tasks until they are in my face.

This is becoming more and more evident to me as I continue my slow purge through the house.

I am essentially sorting through INTENTIONS. I see bits and pieces of plans I’ve made. I find the clothes that no longer fit, the craft supplies I’ve never sorted. I consider physical evidence of projects left unrealized and am reminded quite tangibly of what I once set out to do.

I don’t think this is a terrible thing, by the way. I mean, it is what it is. I am an imaginative, creative person. I get lots of ideas! It would take many lifetimes for me to do half of what I have thought about doing. So while I sometimes feel a little sad that I’ve “not yet” gotten here or there, by and large it’s not an oppressively heavy experience.

But it is an experience that reminds me of a lot I’ve not focused on in a while. Thing is, in many of those partially completed tasks, there are  elements of things I still want. The foundation is partially mapped out. That’s what this forecast reminded me of: unrecognized gems right under our noses. Like a geode–rough at first glance, but beauty hidden within.

Next Week in Tarot

Outlook is the Nine of Pentacles (here, Earth) with advice coming in as The Fool. Both cards were inverted. Pictured here from the Good Tarot deck. Such lovely cards!

Here’s a video version of the forecast. (Because I got a new camera and I’m ready to get back into doing videos. Lucky you. Har!)

Transcript from “Unrecognized Blessings” forecast follows.

OK, this is Dixie of a Fool’s Journey. Hang on for next week’s forecast.

OK, we got the nine of pentacles, but it was inverted. And for advice, I’ve got the fool, but it came in again inverted.

Now, what I want to say about these two cards with the nine pentacles inverted as the outlook, most likely you have everything you
actually need for contentment or the elements of what you’ve been looking for accessible to you.

Now, this dinner may not be fully cooked. OK, it’s not all the way done. It’s not a silver platter kind of thing.

But this bit and that bit and that bit, if you put them together, you’ve got what you need. To start building the foundation for the
future or the situation that you want.

So this is a nice way to start out a new year.

As far as advice with the fool inverted, what I’m going to say is what the process or what you see may not appear to be such a great opportunity initially, that’s OK. It may seem silly or you may get little urges to kind of go go do this or do that. And it may not seem directly relevant to your goals, but don’t worry about it.

Keep on keeping on and allow yourself to follow those nudges, because that’s really how you get this upright to where it becomes a grand adventure and particularly helps bring the elements of what you would be happy with in closer focus.

So that’s what I got for you.

I hope you have an awesome week. I’m wishing you all the best for 2021. Lord knows it’s gonna be better than 2020. Right?
So take care. Be well and peace out from Dix the Zen Goddess.

Are you finding any unrecognized blessings?

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