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01/05/14: Uncensored Joy / Page of Wands


page of wandsHere I am, facing my least favorite Osho Zen card…again. I’d honestly tell you (and I have) that it’s the creepy, half-dressed clown lady giving me pause. And I’m sorry, but a big red nose is flattering on no one!

However, I cannot help but wonder if the bigger reason it’s my least favorite card because I’m so damn inclined to ignore it’s advice?

The Page of Wands in the Osho Zen deck is “Playfulness,” emphasizing boldly expressing your joy, “playing” in your passion. How often do tiy skip right out and roll around in the sheer joy of doing what you love?

Pages are associated with Earth, and Wands with Fire. So we have Earth (real world) in Fire (spirit) here. ACT OUT (Earth) your passion (Fire). Personally, it’s hard for me to overcome self-consciousness at times, which may sound odd for a Leo rising who makes videos for Gods sakes. But you never know what’s going on in somebody’s head, huh?

Find your joy today and absolutely revel in it! Make some time for what you love and in that space, allow no guilt or self-censoring or criticism to burst your bubble. Let your magic flow freely and see how much it invigorates you.

I would not be at all surprised if the exercise left you uplifted and making a commitment to do it a lot more often.

How does your playfulness express?

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Osho Zen, Page of Wands

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  1. Ha! I ooze joy out all over the place. My friends tell me it’s almost impossible to talk to me without getting hungry.

    There are other things, but if I love something I have a hard time hiding it. And I figure if I love it, someone else might also love it, and why not offer to share the joy?

  2. I was just talking about this with my Dad!! How I used to be so creative, and productive, and now… I’ve been trying to hold onto the newness of the year, rather than falling back into a rut, but it’s tough. Seems odd to have gone from celebrating, back into a funk, and the usual stuff. It also seems like when I’m truly feeling joy, then something happens to stomp on it. It happened just over a week ago.

    I received a deck for Christmas, that I’m no longer sure about – I wanted it five years ago, and then changed my mind. I’m trying to decide if I should keep it, or trade it/sell it (the Liber T – it’s odd, and not one I can see using for others). Have you used the Liber T?

    (I just found this post, on facebook: http://justinemusk.com/2014/01/03/the-most-dangerous-emotion/ – it’s also about joy. )

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