February 26

02/26/12: Undecided? | Two of Swords



“Should I do this, or that?” A or B? Left or right? A sizable number of the readings I do come down to variations of an either/or question. Oddly enough, it’s not a question I think your Tarot reader should be answering directly most of the time. But it’s not like we cannot work with it as a starting point, either.

2_of_SwordsToday’s Tarot is the Two of Swords or “Mental Conflict” as shown here (Moon in Libra—make up your mind)! I love the stunning artwork from the Psychic Tarot oracle, although my associative brain would prefer the yellow or gold border, traditionally associated with Tarot Swords, over the cup-ish blue. But I digress.

The main reason the either/or questions sometimes bug me is that so much of the time, it’s not A or B—it’s C, D, or even Z! Why on Earth do we credit ourselves with being able to immediately grasp every potentiality? Do we not have any faith that the Universe can provide something we hadn’t pre-considered? I will often address these types of questions with three rows of cards—one for choice A, one for B, and one for the unknown option(s).

Tarot Swords discuss the voice of reason. The man here is of two minds, clearly. The options are probably evenly weighted, at least if you take inspiration from the RWS version. I like this illustration in that the left side of the card shows rectangles and squares—like building blocks for a shelter. The right shows a tree—another type of shelter. He could go either way. Or, he may get another offer he hadn’t anticipated.

If you’re struggling with a decision now, just hold still and be with it for a metaphorical minute. Ask for signs and guidance, and then, LET GO! Allow the Universe to provide information, support, or options you hadn’t thought of yet. Because if you ask for help and allow yourself to get it, it comes. The fear-driven urge to solve it all right this second is not the same thing as actual threat. A little faith goes a long way.

Are you struggling with a choice?

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  1. I agree, that is an excellent image.

    Yeah, I don’t know what to do about anything right now. Neptune has me extremely confused, but I feel it’s alright. I have the space to wait until the fog clears, I think. I hope

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