November 27

Two of Swords Rx & High Priestess: Gentle Urges


Lately, I’ve been all about cutting myself slack. Instead of judging my efforts as insufficient or under-developed, I’ve been looking to just congratulate myself on any progress I’m making, however humble.

My pokey purging has morphed into a room-a-week plan. My planner has plenty of mark-moving. I’m doing nothing but figuring it out as I go–in large part because, no choice!

But it’s okay, really. Because I’m slowly and steadily building faith that I’m getting exactly the guidance I need in the process. I’m seeing some of those seemingly unrelated urges I’ve been getting over the past weeks and months actually amount to something here. It’s reassuring.

That is also what I’m expecting for everybody who takes the advice for next week to heart.

Next Week in Tarot

Two of Swords Reversed

Outlook is the Two of Swords (here,  called Air), reversed. Advice is the High Priestess. Cards are pictures from the evocatively illustrated Good Tarot deck.

When I flipped these cards, immediately I heard the words “no choice.” Sometimes that’s how it works for me, hearing words in my head.

So next week, I’m expecting people to feel like they have little say in some matters that do matter to them. In the forefront, we may be focused on issues that are not under our control or otherwise bigger than our personal sphere of influence.

There could be waffling, uncertainties or do-overs. It might be all about making the best of a difficult situation.  Without exception, I’m anticipating scenarios where the story plays out in a way we wouldn’t have written it.

This doesn’t mean the story is a tragedy, by the way. The end is not written!

The High Priestess as advice adds an interesting dimension here, though. She redirects us to those arenas where we do have choice, even if it doesn’t look like that choice matters much.

She advises us to slow down and be still. Listen, observe and connect. Listen to what isn’t said. Mediation is the best way to turn up her volume and intuition is her superpower.

Hint: Intuition is also your superpower.

While the High Priestess can often be interpreted as “wait and see” energy, I don’t see her appearance as suggesting we do nothing. To the contrary, we may actually make great strides doing very little.

Maybe you’ll feel a pull to turn this way instead of that. You might get a thought out of the blue to call this person or undertake that task. Furthermore, there will be no rational explanation whatsoever for these little urges. They could appear trivial or not relevant in the least to whatever you most want to accomplish. LISTEN ANYWAY!

Those quiet little nudges are the whispers the High Priestess offers up to guide us. She won’t be heavy-handed about handing out direction–she never is. She forces nothing. But we’d be missing our best, most productive path if we don’t pay attention to her gentle direction.

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High Priestess, Two of Swords

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