July 2

Two of Pents Rx: Dissentigrating Reality


After God knows how long of trying to manage everything in front of you? Yeah. Oh, I get it. But just so you know, not gonna work this next week.

I know it feels a little disruptive but big picture, it’s the right thing. Cards have advice here. Read on!

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is reversed Two of Pentacles. Uh oh! Advice is reversed Queen of Cups. Uhhh…we’ve got clarification from the reversed Hanged Man (here, Faith) and reversed Judgement. Wow. Cards from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck.

So basically, anticipate fallout, dropped balls, and lifted veils over the next week. Whatever show there has been in play won’t convince any more. We’ll be seeing that guy behind the curtain; illusion is gone.

The “fooling yourself everything is under control” variety of show is a possibility. Just sayin’ here.

Is this a good thing? Ultimately, I think so. But it’s also disruptive. Understand there is an emotional toll with the disruption.

Allow yourself the space to process all your feelings (and there may be a bunch). Do this with the knowledge you don’t have any distance yet, you don’t quite know what to believe yet. So what’s “right now” isn’t what’s “forever-ever.” We’re processing here and that can be demanding. Outcomes may feel unbalanced, unfair or unstable. That’s fine, because those outcomes aren’t set quite yet.

Your job is to allow yourself grace, to process emotionally, to regain equilibrium, and to assess what truly matters to you and what is noise. It may sound like a lot, but it’s all about getting centered again. We can do that.

Remember: you are not responsible for straightening out the entire world. You just do your best to take care of your little corner of it. THAT is always an achievable job.

How are you faring out there?

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Hanged Man, Judgment, Legacy of the Divine, Queen of Cups

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