May 1

Two of Pentacles: One Step, Right Now


Feeling this eclipse vibe?

Yeah. Me too!

I’m seeing lots of pressure points. Many are managing them well, for sure. We’re gonna talk about riding it out with style and grace.  Because we can, you know.

But even if we ride it out with much kicking and screaming, we’re still doing what we need to ultimately: riding it out!

Next week in the Cards

“Moment to Moment” in this deck is the Two of Pentacles in traditional decks. “Awareness” will be better known as the Chariot. Deck is Osho Zen. (Perhaps worth noting, that two came inverted.)

Everything may feel especially fluid in the coming week, potentially disorienting those slightly scattered to begin with. (Uh oh! Better keep up with my to-dos!)

The best way to manage is stay fully present, where you are at. That means not thinking about “the sads” of what happened before, not projecting sticky worry of what happens next. Just place one foot firmly on the rock right in front of you. Repeat with the other. That’s it. That’s your job.

Right now, moment to moment. One foot down sound. The other foot, down sound.

This takes awareness, though. It takes recognizing where one’s head is at. “Where is this emotion coming from? How am I feeling right now? Where is my attention?”

Our attention is so often in a different time zone than our body. That’s one being fully present.

And reactions to fear, anger, upsets, or the practices of others? That is by its very nature not real-time. Either we’re talking something that’s already happened or something we fear or desire happening in the future. No matter what the topics or the feelings about them, they share the common thread of not being NOW.

So get more “now!”

You’ll have to make a little time for yourself. To processing, get quiet and recharge. Be sure to do some This helps us activate awareness but connecting to our higher selves more consciously. It tunes us to get intuitions, hints, gifts from the Universe and other sorts of perks while helping us feel good and navigate effectively. There’s no downside.

It doesn’t have to be a production. In fact, it’s much easier if it’s not. A few minutes outside with your eyes closed, focusing on the sound of birds and the cadence of your breath? Gently redirecting your mind back to this whenever it skitters about. That’s all that we’re talking.

In short: you don’t have to solve every problem that ever exisiting for yourself or all humankind, right now. You don’t need to anticipate and avoid every potential problem you might ever find to exisit. You don’t need to assign responsiblity or “do something” to make sure it never does (or always does) happen again.

Be here, now. Live in the present. One step, sound on the rock. Another step, sound on the next.

And breathe. Keep breathing, deep, steady and recharging your life force just a smidge with ever heave and every ho. It helps.

Stay well out there, friends!

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Osho Zen, The Chariot, Two of Pentacles

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