June 3

Two of Cups: Syncing Up with Dreams


What energy are you synced up with? Your dreams? Or your nightmares?

I’ve decided life is more or less a big, fat Rorschach test. What someone sees tells me nothing about “reality,” but much more about where their energy is focused.

Do you see the world as an unrelentingly ugly place? Do you find a lot of fault with what you consider around you, every day? Because if you do, you’re syncing up with the ugly in the world.

Now, I’m not going to say it’s not out there. Of course, it is! And I’m not going to say you should not care. It’s up to you, what you care about. And yes, you’re certainly contributing to the change by amping up the desire for change. You’re doing a service.

But man. It’s not a very comfortable way to live. And while adding your voice to the call for change is one route for service, it’s not the only path.

We live in a big world with endless variety. There is just as much beauty as there is ugly! Turning toward the beauty is not contributing to the ugly. It’s contributing to the beauty! Looking for the good and participating in it is another, equally valid path to service. It’s a way to move to the front of the crowd, leading others into the future those cries for change have helped define instead of hanging around in the middle of the pack to continue sounding alarm.

My primary objective is to live a happy life. And when I assume the best about people (without worrying how likely it is or not), I just feel better. It’s truer to that happy, loving person that I am, at my best. I want to express who I am, as purely as I can. When I can find a loving lens to look through is when I shine brightest. So it makes good sense to take every opportunity I can find to see the world kindly. It’s always going to feel better.  And it’s a pretty damn good way to live.

I choose to sync up with (and therefore live) my dreams over my nightmares. I choose to see the best I can find to see wherever I look, regardless of anyone else’s intentions.

It doesn’t matter if anybody else deserves it. I deserve it!

Being kind to yourself is the easiest way to orient to this perspective. Feeling bad about yourself makes it pretty much impossible to feel good about anybody else. Let yourself off the hook first! The energy will start flowing more smoothly after that. ♥

Your vibration will always be in harmony with SOMETHING. What is the “something” you want to be in sync with?

Next Week in Tarot: Getting in Sync

Two of Water Good Tarot

We’ve got the Two of Cups (aka the Two of Water in the Good Tarot) and Garden Heliotrope–Devotion and Dreams Fulfilled–from the Botanical Inspirations Deck. This is a very sweet combo! It’s speaking very clearly to me on aligning with your dreams emotionally–and therefore, energetically.

Those two little fishes (often associated with abundance) are in sync, in harmony.  This card often denotes a fresh new relationship or budding love. Even when it’s not discussing romantic love, however, it does indicate a coming together in harmony. When you see this Two, there is a complementary union. Expect an ease and flow to this energy,  forging a natural (and powerful) pairing.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. –Eleanor Roosevelt

Together, we’re being advised to emotionally sync up with our dreams. The easiest way to do this is to tap into the feelings associated with your dream, utterly unencumbered by the details of reality.

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Syncing up with your dreams isn’t very hard, at least for a minute. The snags start when you begin asking, “How? When? What?” If you start asking questions you have no answers for, you will harmonize with obstacles instead of the dream.

Leave the how-to up the Universe, okay? Not your job. Your only job is to line up your energy.

This week, decide to find as much of what you want as you can find with ZERO concerns about “reality.” What might be considered objective truth is irrelevant. What feels best, truest to who you are at the core, is what counts. And this you can steer by the perspective you choose.

What are you harmonizing with?

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