April 9

Two of Cups Rx: Use the Bridge


I’ve been rather cranky this week. I hate being cranky!

I could recount specifics, but to me, that’s getting lost in the weeds. The essence was about situations where I wasn’t feeling seen, heard or respected. Truth was that our intentions were the broadly the same. But we disagreed on how to get there. And acknowledging that, even to myself, helps.

Tarot advice here for the week is exactly what I needed (but could be a smidge challenging to implement at times). I’ll do my best anyway.

Here goes, in case you want to try the same.

Next Week in Tarot

Both cards from the Star Tarot Deck came in reversed this week, but with these types of illustrations, I prefer to photograph them upright. We have an outlook of the Two of Cups (rx). Advice is the Ten of Cups (rx).

That reversed Two of Cups is a misunderstanding, otherwise buried in general, directional agreement.

So maybe you have the same goals but differ as to implementation. Maybe something important is being overlooked. Maybe you’re on the same page in many ways, but there isn’t a clarity and that is causing issues. It’s a near-hit, but not quite here. That’s the general state of communication next week.

In terms of addressing this (should you need to), let’s take the high road as much as possible.  That doesn’t mean ignore. It means emphasize areas of agreement, but don’t pretend there is nothing to reconcile. Because it’s the lack of communication that gets us feeling stuck here.

It’s more important to align goals than methods for achieving them. Remain open to a “look at what works” approach, because it will get you further. It would be nice if that encourages others to do the same. But I can’t promise that, so don’t make it conditional.

Just know the finish line is the goal, not the path you take to get there.

Another thing I can promise: your own peace of mind is always best set as a DIY project. Don’t compromise on the goal but be ready to do whatever’s required to get there. Bridge where possible to find greater harmony, even if it’s just lines of thought you’re bridging.

Stay Centered out there, friends!

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