November 26

Two of Cups: Relentlessly Appreicative


New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. -Lao Tzu

Ain’t that the truth? Although as I’m coming more to discover every day, the “painful” part is (at least to some extent) optional. Pain is a function of perspective; we have say in the perspective we choose to run with, ya know?

This week, have “Coming Together”–aka the Two of Cups from the Psychic Heart Tarot, with a follow-up of Daffodil from Botanical Inspirations: Rebirth and New Beginnings.

I find it instructive here to remember Tarot twos always include a choice. Polarity. Decision. Options.

Love is a choice.

You can look for what’s wrong and find the flaws: we’ve got no shortage! And that’s exactly as it should be. Flaws power the engine of evolution.

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Or you can look for what feels good. You can reach for appreciation. Every person, place or situation will have both polarities–yay and nay–at your disposal.

One cannot appreciate and condemn simultaneously. It’s an either/or proposition. Every moment can be either grievance or miracle.  We each make the choice constantly, without even trying.

In every second of every day, you can turn your attention towards what’s wrong in the world. Or in the same second, you can turn your attention to what’s right. Each of us is an energetic tuning fork.

What note do you want to vibrate?

Look for common ground. Seek out any excuse that you can to appreciate or give praise of any kind. Become as relentlessly optimistic as you can manage and watch what happens. Hint: You’ll like it. Honest!

Armchair Astrology: Mercury Rx Reminder

Mercury is retrograde Dec. 3 – 23rd so give yourself extra time to do whatever you’re doing this month! And maybe, just maybe…instead of issuing the default (although yes, utterly justified) groans relating to Mercury retro headaches…well, let’s try something different. I suggest you take these little hiccups as opportunity to revisit pockets of life that could use Mercury’s deft hand. Think “second chance.” It’s an outstanding time to do a little cleanup work. Cutting, clearing, clarifying, rewinding, removing, and reworking are tasks perfectly suited for Mercury retrograde. Your head will clear in the process.

Just let go of trying to control the uncontrollable–seriously. Give yourself full permission to use the energetic weather however it feels easiest and you will weather the Rx in style!

Holiday Specials: Zodiac 2018 Look-Ahead

I love doing these look-ahead readings and have been told they make “a great annual tradition,” so I’m serving them up again this year!

Unlike much of my work where prediction is just a small part of the overall mix, these are much more straight-up fortune telling. We look at what’s coming up for you in 2018, spanning pretty much all areas of your life. This is a 13-card reading and is quite comprehensive.

You’ll get an mp3–real time Dixie!–with pictures of your cards and a summary via email. I do take deck requests if you have a favorite that you’ve seen me use. Just let me know when we hook up.

For folks that order before Christmas, I’m including a Yearly Highlights Astrology report from DayWatch (sample here). Consider it your Christmas gift.

Ready to take a peek at the coming year? Use this form to order. Or if the form gives you trouble, just Paypal me here and we’ll do email for the details.

Zodiac Look-Ahead Tarot w/Astro Report

A Zodiac reading looking at the coming year across all different areas of your life.
  • Holiday Tarot Special - MP3 Audio Reading w/photo of cards looking at the year ahead.
  • If you have any area of life you're especially concerned with, you are welcome to mention that as well. Or not.
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