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11/10/13: Travelling a Path Not Walked / Fool


Fool New Beginnings Psychic Tarot Oracle

Well, Mercury is going direct. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of y’all are still integrating from that eclipse not so long ago. Scorpio season is serious business! And what do we have here but the Fool, arriving in the guise of “New Beginnings.”

It’s no secret I have a special place in my heart for this energy. Hello? Notice where you’re at? “A Fool’s Journey” is not a name I picked randomly.

I don’t think I know it all. Hell, even when I “know” something, I don’t assume I “know-know” it. As in today’s final word is the tiny piece of the puzzle upon which tomorrow’s “getting a clue” is based upon. And next week, well, that clue has become a stepping stone to a greater truth.

That’s not only the way I like it, but it’s the only conclusion I’m comfortable with. I don’t want to be a guru, because gurus have to sit high upon a throne and preach. Gurus have to know everything and only get talk about the landscape. I want to take it in, every little bit of experience. I want to be a tour guide! Helping those I can but always walking the path at the same time. My taste for travel grows with each new adventure.

I’ve you’re stepping into a whole new world of new beginnings…well, you know better than I do, what that’s about. Embrace it, because it’s exciting! Keep a walking stick handy to lean upon—that’s a framework of how you see the world at present to support your step. But don’t become so dependent upon the stick that you lose use it as a crutch instead.

The thrill isn’t the specific destination. It’s the personal expansion due the travel experience, you know?

Are you travelling a path not walked before?

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  1. I love this deck, Dixie. It speaks so clearly to me and I’m very happy when I see that you’ve chosen it for the daily readings. I’m always so excited to see The Fool show up, even when I’m a bit on the worried side. It IS exciting energy.

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